50/50 RAFFLE

50/50 RAFFLE

50/50 RAFFLE

50/50 RAFFLE

The Saints will use the Ascend Fundraising Solutions platform to allow fans an opportunity to donate to local charitable organizations or causes by participating in an electronic 50/50 raffle. At each game, half of the net proceeds collected from the raffle will benefit a designated charitable organization or cause, while one lucky fan will win the remaining half of those proceeds.

This week's beneficiary is the Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal Fund.


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Saints vs. Jaguars August 23, 2021SA-2370177$12,150Yes$24,300Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundKaCey R.
Saints vs. Packers September 12, 2021SB-9044035$2,737No$5,475Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal Fund
Saints at Panthers September 19, 2021SC-9200806$1,772Yes$3,545Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundRobin K.
Saints at Patriots September 26, 2021SD-1747007$2,277Yes$4,555Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundJesse W.
Saints vs. Giants October 3, 2021SE-2997631$25,345Yes$50,690Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundDaniel M.
Saints at Washington October 10, 2021SF-8934405$2,092Yes$4,185Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundMichael M.
Saints at Seahawks October 25, 2021SG-3528135$1,835Yes$3,670Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundEric H.
Saints vs. Buccaneers October 31, 2021SH-1353917$16,257Yes$32,515Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundCraig N.
Saints vs. Falcons November 7, 2021SI-4152197$19,155Yes$38,310Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundSteven S.
Saints at Titans November 14, 2021SJ-1398922$1,982Yes$3,965Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundAshley P.
Saints at Eagles November 21, 2021SK-7331449$1,595Yes$3,190Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundStephen W.
Saints vs. Bills November 25, 2021SL-5776986$15,500Yes$31,000Brees Dream FoundationDavid B.
Saints vs. Cowboys December 2, 2021SM-5668106$27,620Yes$55,240LHSAAJason B.
Saints at Jets December 12, 2021SN-3544679$1,685Yes$3,370Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal FundSeth L.
Saints at Buccaneers December 19, 2021SO-1787607$1,835No$3,670Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal Fund
Saints vs. Dolphins December 27, 2021SP-5141010$28,322Yes$56,645Second Harvest Food BankRobert N.
Saints vs. Panthers January 2, 2021SQ-3385337$28,952Yes$57,905University of New Orleans FoundationMatthew P.
Saints at Falcons January 9, 2021SR-4906269$3,032No$6,065Saints & Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal Fund

Raffle Ticket Sales

• Sales Period: Begins two (2) hours prior to kickoff for each Saints game and will conclude promptly at the end of the 3rd quarter.

• 50/50 Ticket Sales: All raffle ticket sales will be conducted online. Please visit https://saintsraffle.5050central.com/ or use the official Saints Mobile App to participate

If you have any questions regarding your purchase on gameday, please e-mail saintsevents@saints.nfl.com.

Raffle Ticket Prices

• 3 for $5

• 10 for $10

• 80 for $20

Total Jackpot Displays

Raffle jackpot totals will be displayed in real time at https://saintsraffle.5050central.com/

Winning Ticket Announcement & Redemption

One (1) lucky fan will win half of the evening's jackpot. The winning ticket number will be announced in the fourth quarter. Winner does not have to be present when the winning ticket number is announced. The winner can claim their ticket by calling 504-733-0255 within thirty (30) days of the respective game.

Rules & Eligibility Information

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to participate and be physically present in the state of Louisiana in order to participate.