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Week 9 Postgame Quotes: Drew Brees

Read postgame reactions from Saints quarterback Drew Brees after the 30-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Saints QB Drew Brees

On if this was some of the most complementary football by the team all year:
"I think so. By no means was it perfect out there. I felt like we had some opportunities for more points and we had the turnovers where we could have gotten at least three points. We missed a field goal. I had a chance to hit Ted (Ginn Jr.) for a big play that would have lit things up in the first quarter. We are striving for that perfect game or a game where it all comes together. We did a lot of things well today. It was 4.7 yards per carry, so (We had a) good rushing average. We were able to make some big plays in the passing game. The screen game had a couple big plays as well. (The) Two-minute drive at the end of the half was big. (The) Defense played great, (and) got us a turnover that we turned into seven points, so whenever you can do that then you are winning a lot of football games now. We basically gave them a touchdown with a special teams turnover. I guess we traded them. We block a punt for a touchdown and drop a punt that ended up turning into seven. It probably all equaled out at the end. But all in all it was a good win."

On his confidence in Kamara:
"Alvin is doing a lot of good things. He's very versatile. He can be in the game at any moment. He can be in any personnel group. We feel comfortable with his skillset as we do with Mark (Ingram). It's a great one-two punch."

On a long pass to Ted Ginn Jr.  where the two of them failed to connect:
"There's some variability with the angle just depending on how they play it. I just left the ball too far outside as opposed to just kind of putting it down the middle of the field and allowing him to get his hands around it in traffic also. That was all me."

On being able to go to Ginn for deep balls, connecting on one for a touchdown later in the game after the miss earlier on:
"It was a very similar type route to what we had missed earlier. We made the adjustment and the result was good."

On the energy of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome today and if it seems like it's where it was four years ago:
"Yes. We feel the energy. We feel the momentum. Obviously those third downs with our fans (when we are on) defense and the noise meter is going, fans are getting crazy and we're getting off the field. (The) Offense (is) getting the ball (back), going down (the field and) getting points. A lot of good things (are) happening."

On rebounding from some first half struggles late in the first half with a touchdown:
"Yes. We were able to run a scramble play to Coby (Fleener) and then a screen play to Kamara. Those two huge plays, they'd get us a touchdown. Then to come out first drive in the second half, (and get a) touchdown. (The) Defense gets a turnover, (and we score a) touchdown. That blows the whole thing wide open. You're able to grab momentum and hold onto it."

On what it's like to be at 6-2 midway through the season and 2-0 and in first place in the NFC South:
"Division wins are great. Obviously those are very important. But I think each week we try to look at it as a faceless opponent. We're still striving to play our best game and I don't think we have achieved that yet. We are continuing to make strides in that direction, but there are still a lot of things we can do better. The road only gets tougher. We go on the road to Buffalo this week. They are a very good football team that's playing really well on both sides of the ball so we have our work cut out for us."

On if this is the first time he's played with a sleeve like that:
"Yes, just compression. I do it on my legs at times, that kind of thing. It's a comfort thing."

On if it's an injury issue:

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