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Week 8 Postgame Quotes: Sean Payton

Read postgame reactions from Saints head coach Sean Payton after the 20-12 win over the Chicago Bears


Opening Statement
"Obviously, it was a good win. We found a way to make it interesting. We're going to have to clean up some of those mistakes and some of the things that are going to hurt us when we play a better team. Credit to Chicago. They fought hard and stayed in it. Fortunately, we were able to stay in it and come out with a win. (The) Defense did a great job getting the turnover. We had a couple of other opportunities that we will look at I'm sure."

Words to Mark Ingram II about the two fumbles lost:
"I didn't see anything specific. The message to Mark (Ingram) will be between me and Mark (Ingram). Not for you."

Initial anticipation of the game today:
"They have a really good defense. We knew we were going to have to be smart. Fortunately, we scored some points early. I thought that was significant. You look at that team and how they're built. They've done really well and they've had success when they've had leads after the first quarter and the second quarter. They haven't been as successful when they haven't had those leads. Fortunately, those early points ended up being significant."

Adjustments the defense has made since the start of the season when they struggled initially:
"The confidence you gain is through experience. I think the two-game road trip to Carolina and London were good games for us. We've been able to build on those and get confident. You start seeing a lot of young guys playing. You start to see it in front of your eyes, the growth and the confidence. Hopefully we can continue that."

On the defense's weak points this game:
"The explosives (plays) were miscommunication errors and busted assignments. We'll get those corrected, but when we needed it in the second half they did a really good job. I'm proud of all of those guys. As you know, each week's a tough challenge. We have been able to manage some of the distractions and manage what should happen. We knew it was going to be a tough, hard-fought game. I credit our guys for doing enough to get the win, but we have to do more when we play better teams."

On the instant replay reversal on what was initially ruled a Bears touchdown by tight end Zach Miller but reversed to an incomplete pass:
"It felt like there were three or four today that could've gone either way. Honestly, I felt like we had good angles and I felt like it was 50-50. I thought Ingram's last fumble was 50-50. I really didn't know. I was like everyone else, just waiting to see. You're hoping you'll get the breaks you need. We got a few and we didn't get a few. It was probably the way the game should have gone."

On winning games despite not always having a strong performance from start to finish:
"No one,three weeks from now, is going to ask the Bears how they beat Carolina. They're just going to know they beat Carolina. They're not going to ask about seven passing attempts. John (Fox) is smart enough to understand how hard it is to win in our league. Five weeks from now, this will be a win. What is most important is that we can clean up the corrections, so down the road it doesn't cost you a game that becomes more significant."

On the performance of the special teams today overall:
"I thought the field goals were important. The last kickoff return, we kind of knew they were going to come out with that regardless of where it was kicked. (We knew that) if he had a chance in bounds, we were going to get a return just because of the way the game was flowing for them offensively. We lost contain. We'll watch the film and make corrections. I thought we did some really good things changing the field. Thomas (Morstead) did some really good things. I thought we gained an edge there. Like anything else, when we watch it in its entirety we'll have a better feel for it. The field goals were huge. We were fortunate for them to miss that field goal. Overall, (it was) good enough to win."

On his impressions of Mitchell Trubisky:
"He's a young, athletic quarterback. He's obviously someone you want to keep in the pocket. He's someone that is confident with running and moving. He can throw well when he runs and we knew that. I think we did a good job for the most part of keeping him really contained. I think he's got a bright future."

On the Fats Domino tribute:
"We did a little piece on him this week with our players. He's someone whose contributions to music were, I think, underrated. When you go back and you do all the information on him, this is a guy the Beatles opened up for in Liverpool. This is a guy that Elvis Presley felt uncomfortable being called "the King" because of. Many would argue he was the father of rock and roll and here he was one of our own. I just felt like his life was not celebrated enough when he passed. We did a little story about his accomplishments. All week long, when we were watching film as an offensive staff, we had Fats Domino music on. He's obviously an icon."

On Marshon Lattimore's growth this season:
"It is hard to predict a rookie's growth, but he has exceptional ball skills. Those young guys from Ohio State (have) really transitioned well. I'm really pleased for him. He works his tail off at it."

On the performance of kicker Wil Lutz today and during the season as well so far:
"He is striking the ball well. He's been consistent during the week. I think our snap (and) hold has been good. I think on one of the field goals we let a guy come through (on). We will have to clean up protection. He has been focused and he is going to continue to receive those opportunities. I am encouraged with the confidence he's been showing."

On scoring a touchdown on their opening offensive drive for the first time this season today with the seven-play, 81-yard drive:
"It was significant. A fast start is something you're always looking for. Against that defense, to come out and get enough big plays and be able to punch it in, all those things were big in winning."

On Marshon Lattimore sealing the win with an interception today:
"He's playing like a real good rookie player. He looks young. Obviously, the hardest thing to measure in the draft is how quickly guys can transition and how smart they are. He's someone that's got good football IQ, so he picks things up very quickly and plays with a lot of confidence."

On the defense's increase in mental toughness:
"I think it gets back to the confidence and gets back to the task each week. They were up for the challenge. I think especially when the offense turns it over twice in the end of the game like that, they did a real good job."

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