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Week 7 Postgame Quotes: Saints Players

Read postgame reactions from Saints players on the win over the Packers


On the offense:
"It starts with the run game. That opened up a lot of passing for us. AK (Alvin Kamara) and Mark (Ingram) got off to a good start today and that opened it up for the rest of us."

On his individual performance this year:
"We are moving forward as a team. My individual performance is helping us to do that, so I am pleased with that. I am glad I am making those plays for my team this year and putting us in a position to be successful."

On if Green Bay's defense seemed confused today:
"Not all game, but we have a lot of personnel that they had to match and that sometimes can be a struggle."

On his third quarter touchdown catch:
"We got the look we wanted. They were late getting set up. Their eyes were in the backfield and we hit them with a slant and go."


On Mark Ingram II's big game:
"He is doing amazing. To see the way that he works in practice and then see him on Sunday is what it is. He works hard and he gets everything that he deserves."

On the tandem of he and Ingram:
"I think the big thing is that we are just interchangeable. We are both able to run and catch the ball. To be able to do it all puts a lot stress on defenses. I think we feed off of each other well. When he gets a big run I am just as hyped as if I had a big run and vice versa."

On the early turnovers:
"There was no drop off in what we wanted to do. We had those turnovers, but we stayed with it, made our adjustments, kept moving it and we got a win."


On the defensive secondary playing well:
"I think our defense is playing phenomenally. At this point, clearly, we are getting back to the quarterback. It goes hand-in-hand; the secondary is eating. The defensive line is helping us stand out even more."

On starting the season 0-2:
"When you came at me and we were 0-2, I said that down the stretch when we are sitting here at above .500, no one is going to remember the first two games. Of course we do. Of course we are going to remember 0-2. Of course we are going to remember any loss that you take during the season."

On making adjustments at halftime:
"They were game-planning our ends and we adjusted to that just fine in the second half. When it comes to our ability in making plays on our defensive line that is something we again have to be vigilant about and get better next week."

On Brett Hundley:
"We knew he was athletic. He has been under the tutelage of Aaron Rodgers for the last two and a half years so he was clearly game ready. I am glad that we could get this win."

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