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Week 16 Postgame Quotes: Drew Brees

Postgame reactions from Saints quarterback Drew Brees after defeating the Atlanta Falcons 23-13.

New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017 Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Quarterback Drew Brees

On becoming the third player in NFL history to throw for 70,000 passing yards:
"It's an incredible honor to have had the opportunity to have played long enough to see that happen. So many people are a part of that. All the guys that block, all the guys that caught them all, all the coaches that put together the plans to make that happen. Everybody shares in that."

On what it means to be back in the playoffs after a three-year absence:
"It feels good, but honestly it's the expectation. While I guess it feels good to clinch a spot, it's not the ultimate goal. The goal is first and foremost to win the division and we have an opportunity to do that next week that with a win in Tampa Bay. We know that is going to be an extremely tough task. They're a very good football team and they're a division opponent. We're going to have to be ready for that game."

On the touchdown to Ted Ginn Jr.  at the end of the first half:
"I felt like we had the opportunity to take a shot. I felt like we caught them in a good matchup situation with Ted running across the field and we were able to cash in. It was a huge play, a momentum swinging play at that point in the game."

On the defense's effort while dealing with injuries:
"I thought our defense played outstanding all the way around. Just watching them work this week, watching them practice, watching them go about the discipline of putting the game plan in, and understanding what it was going to take to win this game, and then watching them go out and execute it to perfection was great."

On having Alvin Kamara for the entire game:
"Alvin is a game changer, he's a playmaker, he had opportunities in both the pass game and the run game. He had a big play on the first drive. He's just a great complement to our offense and what we do. It was nice to have him for the whole game."

On the impact the crowd had during the game today:
"I felt like this was a top three atmosphere. It was just electric. From the very first series consistently through the whole game and it was awesome. Our fans deserve this win and they got this one for us."

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