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Week 11 Postgame Quotes: Saints Players

Read postgame reactions from the Saints win over the Washington Redskins




RB Mark Ingram II

On his team being down 15 points with under six minutes left in regulation and coming back, the biggest fourth quarter comeback in team history:
"Everybody on the sidelines was positive. Everybody believed in one another. It's not over until it's over. We have too many playmakers to fold up. We came too far to fold up. Everybody had confidence in one another. We had confidence in the defense. We had confidence in ourselves that we were going to go down there and score. That's what great teams do."

On what he learned about the team today by their resiliency:
"We are some dogs. No matter what's going on in the game, we have faith in each other. It's savage. Nobody is panicking. Everyone has faith in one another. Everyone believes in one another. The sky is the limit when you have a team that does that."

On Drew Brees at the end of the game:
"That was elite. He's going to be a first ballot hall of famer for a reason. That man is amazing. He's elite. He's the best quarterback that I ever played with. He's the best quarterback in the league. We just try to do our job to help him do his job."

On Alvin Kamara's touchdown:
"We have the offensive rookie of the year and the defensive rookie of the year. We got them. Something is wrong if they aren't it. (Alvin) Kamara is always making plays. He squeezes through a tight gap in the open field. He's breaking tackles and making things happen. He's elusive. He's strong. He can do everything. He's a special player."

RB Alvin Kamara

On today's win:
"That's what great teams do. Great teams find a way to stay in the game at the end and win it."

On the fourth quarter touchdown:
"I had bobbled it a little bit and taken my eyes off it. I found a way to catch it. I was thinking if I had to take a hit, then I'd have to find a way to take it. Luckily, they weren't trying to tackle me."

On Drew Brees at the end of the game:
"You come into the huddle and you hear Drew say 'Alright, here we go.' That's when you know it's on."

WR Michael Thomas

On Drew Brees down the stretch:
"It doesn't really surprise me. He gets in that moment and dials in. I love to be a witness to that."

On what Brees said to the offense down 15 points:
"He didn't really have to say much. You look at the scoreboard and see the situation that you are in. You wither and fold or come together and show some grit. We had to fight. It's a type of situation that we haven't been in much this year. It wasn't a surprise. We got the victory."

DE Cameron Jordan

On this team:
"Every one of these games is a confidence booster. Our coach was telling us that we haven't been in a close game yet. I loved to see how we responded. We were down 15-points in the fourth quarter. That's hard to overcome in this league. Not only did we overcome it, we made it one of our strengths. I think that we have a lot of communication errors that we need to clear up. We need to make sure that those don't pop up in the future. We are always striving for that next level."

On the late stops:
"We were scrappy and at the end of the day we came out with the win. We had big plays when we most needed them. With two and a half minutes left, we came up with a three and out. It allowed our offense to get back on the field. They scored so fast that we had to go back on the field. Vonn Bell had the big sack that put us into overtime. That's what we call a win."

LB Manti T'eo

On today's win:
"It's a different type of win than the previous weeks. The previous weeks we've been blessed to have comfortable leads. We knew we were going to get tested at some point. Today was that day. It can only get good from here. For us to fight back like that and come out with a win. I'm just proud of our guys. We will correct the mistakes, but we are going to enjoy this one."

On the third and one stop:
"I knew they were going to pull somebody. I knew they were going to attack outside. They were doing it most of the game and having some success. I just knew that I needed to read my cues. Once I see a guard or tackle pull, then I'm going to shoot to the outside. I was just able to get in there and make a big play for my team."

K Wil Lutz

On the win:
"We found a way to do it with our backs against the wall at the end. The defense and offense played unreal at the end of the fourth quarter and overtime. They did the hard part and I finished it."

On the final kick:
"The offense and defense did the hard part. When you get a short field goal like that, you just kind of rely on your mechanics. I kicked it and we won the game"

On the locker room being special:
"The camraderie is unreal. We are all brothers. There is something different. It's really hard to put into words."

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