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Transcript - Trey Hendrickson Conference Call 10/8/20 | Week 5 vs. Chargers

New Orleans Saints defensive linemen Trey Hendrickson talks about the defensive line's pass rush and preparations for Week 5 against the Los Angeles Chargers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday, October 12, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Trey Hendrickson
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, October 8, 2020

It seems like you guys got a little bit of a pass rush going again last week. Just how refreshing was it to get that going again after the Packers game?
"Oh, it's always fun to get after the quarterback. And you know, we're rolling again and excited for this week."

They seem to be and not just on the ends, on the interior too, rotating you guys a little bit more than normal. What benefits in your perspective does that add for you?
"Well, that's a coaching decision. But, from a player (perspective), when you've got a group of guys like Cam (Jordan), Marcus (Davenport), me and (Carl) Granderson, we try to keep the level of play up to a standard. And that's on us."

How much are you enjoying things now? I know, guys say you don't live off stats and everything, but you're being so effective. How much are you just enjoying the game and what you're able to produce?
"Oh, well, I am a blessed man for the statistics. But I have never really played for statistics. I love playing football. I love striking blocks and getting after quarterbacks."

Do you feel like this is as well as you've played since you've been here so far?
"Well, I've always kept tapping the rock. And I've overcome injuries since I've been here and all these kind of things. So building off every year is always a goal. So I always strive to get better."

Do you feel like getting into a rhythm at all? Do you feel like you're in a rhythm right now and things are just kind of just coming together for you?
"I think with everything, it's all about your preparation, watching film and going through practice and seeing the looks. The looks squad, it's all part of the end result on Sundays."

I know you said it's not all about stats for you. But are you at least able to talk some smack on Cam Jordan for like kind of, tripling his sack numbers so far this year (laughter)?
"Well, I can tell you this. Last year on Thanksgiving, he had four. So the guy is pretty unblockable and I've had the pleasure of playing with him for the last four years. That guy knows how to bring it every day, every practice and I wouldn't bet against him."

What does it do for your group whenever Marcus (Davenport) is able to get back on the field? What does it do for you personally, maybe just having a little bit more rest in between reps? What does he bring?
"He's a great friend for one. And for two, he's a great competitor. And adding another one of those tools to our D line can do nothing but get us stronger as a unit and raise the level of expectation a little higher. So I'm excited to get back to competing with him and getting after quarterbacks with him."

You also do special teams too. How much do you look forward to making an impact in that aspect of the game also?
"Rizz (Darren Rizzi) did a great job coaching me this camp. And I feel really prepared for anything they can throw at me and any way they can use me. I'm ready. It's my job to do for the Saints and for me personally. Whatever they need, I'm there."

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