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Transcript - Tre'Quan Smith Conference Call 9/18/20 | Week 2 vs. Raiders

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith talks about the Saints offense and the preparations for Week 2 against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on September 21, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Tre'Quan Smith
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, September 18, 2020

How do you feel that your summer went? Sean Payton, Drew Brees and other members of the coaching staff and players have talked about how you've looked more comfortable in this system?
"I'm definitely a lot more comfortable. I'm learning more and more different positions like not just the wide or the z (or the) x, I'm learning a lot more. So I'm definitely comfortable. I feel like they can put me anywhere and now be comfortable, play fast and comfortably. I (also) did a lot, just tweaking (things) a little. I already knew what to do, but I wasn't playing 100% because in the back of my head, I was guessing to myself, am I doing the right thing? So that was a big thing for me."

What were the things you were guessing at a little bit?
"For instance, in this in this offense, the receivers are really interchangeable. So you have to know what the other guys doing. I would get nervous when I was at the other position, not my main position, because I wouldn't know for sure I kind of like, 'I think this is what I do, but I'm not 100% (sure).' I know what I'm doing 100% (now)."

Can you expand on how Curtis Johnson talks about how a lot of the things you contribute don't show up on the stat sheet?
"I would definitely say my blocking plays a key role in this offense, a lot of times I'm there to make big blocks, if it's not for a tight end or for the running back. I'm here to do and if that's my job, I'm doing 100% and it's just not about catching the ball. Guys are going to make plays and stretch the ball, they've depending on my block, (when) they make the play. So that's, that's very important to me. But you're not going to see that on the stat sheet."

A lot of Saints fans say they are still going to Las Vegas anyway even though there are no fans that can attend the game. Do you have any family or friends going out there still?
"Yeah, my quarterback (from the University of Central Florida) and his parents are going. They asked me before and I told him I, I don't think they're going to be fans and I told him I won't see them but they're still going to support you know. We're going to be on lockdown at the hotel. I guess they are going for support still. I love it."

Does Deonte Harris do some things right now that blow your mind, guys that other players can't do with his unique skillset?
"No doubt about it. No question. I feel like he's a very special player. Just one thing you notice all of that he's very fast and another thing you notice he, (how) he gets in and out of his breaks. He definitely is a very special player. You can see that as soon as you look at him in practice."

Is he the kind of guy that you've seen where coaches are just kind of trying to figure out how to utilize him more and what his role can be?
"Definitely. You hear it all the time. CJ (Curtis Johnson) talks about it all the time that you definitely have to find a way to get him the ball."

How do guys cover him off the line of scrimmage on those one on ones where it looks like there's really no way to stop him, because he's so fast that if you tried to jam hum you would end up getting embarrassed? How do people stop that?
"I don't know. I'm not a defensive player, but my guess is that they probably lose the first round, go watch tape, try to see his tendencies and plan."

You have had some pretty big individual games. Do you ever look at them and see if more opportunities projected itself you could get more of that production?
"I definitely think that when an opportunity presents itself in my life, I see it and take it, but that in this game you always have to seize on it. Like Sean (Payton) says, the next game is the most important. So I try not to look back on the games and rather just play in my next game."

Did not getting the ball here all the time as opposed to in college take an adjustment, was it something you had to learn to contribute in different areas?
"It's kind of like a fight within itself, because if you're a competitor, you want to compete. You have a lot of great guys on this team. Everybody wants to compete. But on the other hand, you are a team player at the same time. My biggest thing is I've been a competitor, but I want to do what's best for my team, whatever it maybe. I just want to win. I just want to go to the Super Bowl. So if that means me blocking all day, I'll block all day. If that means me running deep balls all day, I'll do that 100%, because at the end of the day, I want to win a Super Bowl."

How has Emmanuel Sanders been as an addition to the receiver room? Does he go out of his way to teach younger receivers things?
"Definitely, he is a great guy, a team guy. I can say a lot about him. He's always taking the younger guys under his wing and teaching us how he will run around and what does he see on the field. I think he's been a great addition to this offense, into this organization."

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