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Transcript - Tre'Quan Smith Conference Call 12/11/20 | Week 14 at Eagles

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith post-practice interview ahead of the Saints' Week 14 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 13, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Tre'Quan Smith
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, December 11, 2020

I think one of the things that people have been speaking about is your ability to block down field and your willingness to do so. Is that something that you've always maintained? Or is that something you kind of refined once you got into the NFL?
"No, it's something that I've always harped on about just for myself. And then especially in college, my coach talked about it a lot of like, no block, no rock, and then I never want to be that guy who let his man make the tackle. So I take a lot of pride in my blocking."

With your run blocking, I know you had the lead block on Alvin Kamara's touchdown last week, how much pride do you take in that just knowing that you can be the guy for someone to get there?
"It definitely means a lot to me, knowing that my single effort helped one of my teammates score a touchdown, helped one of my teammates get a critical first down. Like it definitely means a lot and it kind of felt like I am making a touchdown. If I am doing my part and it's very critical that I make this block to help a game changing play, make a big impact play, it's kind of like I have the ball without having a ball if you know what I mean."

It looks like Taysom (Hill) throws with a ton of velocity. Is there a big difference between catching a pass from and catching a pass from Drew (Brees)? And is there an adjustment there just as far as how quickly the ball is coming in?
"No, not really an adjustment but yeah, it's definitely zip Taysom's ball, but no adjustment coming from a receiver. You've just got to catch anything you throw at you, no matter how it comes. It's definitely a little more zip, but not a big difference."

Speaking of Taysom, you caught his first career touchdown pass. You've caught some record breaking ones from Drew too, but what was that experience like just being the first for Taysom?
"Honestly, it was kind of the same experience for me when I caught Drew's record breaker. I had no clue at all. Like, I thought Taysom threw his first touchdown. So when I caught the ball, I just dropped it because I didn't know it was his first touchdown. So I dropped it. I didn't find out until after the game, one of the trainers, they were like, 'dang, Tre'Quan you just keep making history.' I was like, 'What are you talking about?' They were like, 'That was Taysom's first touchdown.' And then he walked by and I was like, 'Taysom, that was your first touchdown?' He said, yeah and I was like 'Oh, man. I'm sorry, man I don't know what I did with your ball. Did you get your ball? I dropped it, I don't what happened to it?' He was like, yeah. He got it. So I had no clue, I was just playing the game and just so happened I was in the right spot at the right time."

I guess this is a play off that question. Are you going to be a little bit more cognizant of that kind of thing because you call Drew's yard breaking pass, now you've caught Taysom's first, you've been on the other end of some pretty big touchdown throws from Drew, are you going to kind of try to start paying attention to that kind of thing?
"I think I should, but sad to say, if I do pay attention, it might not happen. So far, I'm two for two for not knowing so maybe if something else comes up, I'll be three for three not knowing so I'm better off not knowing honestly."

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