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Transcript - Tre'Quan Smith Conference Call 10/30/20 | Week 8 vs. Bears

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith talks about the Saints wide receiver group and the preparations for the Saints Week 8 matchup against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 1, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Tre'Quan Smith
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, October 30, 2020

What has it been like for all these different receivers step up in the absence of people?
"I feel like it's a big part of being prepared. A big part of is that CJ (Curtis Johnson) and RC (Ronald Curry) make sure everybody knows what they are doing, make sure the backups get in (to see reps), so I feel like that's what they do a good job with in terms of everyone being prepared. Once week you can be up the next week someone else can be up and that just shows you have to stay prepared, whether you think you will be up or not."

Having been around Michael Thomas can you tell how much he wants to be in a game?
"He's just itching to be out there and we want him out there just as bad as he wants to be out there. I know he definitely misses being around the guys and being a (big) part of practice. You definitely want to be out there and we definitely want him to be out there."

Is there a certain play that sticks out in your mind about Alvin Kamara?
"If I could choose one play of many, the catch on the sideline against the Chargers was it. That was amazing. It was amazing concentration. Looking at the film and I'm like how did he keep his feet in like he did. It was just all around amazing. He went over the top, concentration, amazing feet in bounds, clutch play, everything, all the checkmarks were there, amazing play. Watching what he does it's always a highlight."

What about the throw?
"(Laughter). I would have tried my best to make it, but I'm glad it went to Kamara and not me. But yes, I think I would have made it."

He said he would like to throw one down the field to you in a game. Is he blowing smoke or is he a pretty good thrower?
"No, he has a pretty good arm. In practice we have a game we play today where whoever hits the pylon wins for the week and I believe he's leading right now. He's leading among the couple guys that played the game. He has a pretty good arm."

How would you grade the backward pass last week?
"A+. I would grade it an A+, because we completed the play, got the first down and everything. In my mind it was an A+."

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