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Transcript - Terron Armstead Conference Call 12/18/20 | Week 15 vs. Chiefs

New Orleans Saints left tackle Terron Armstead talks about Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the preparations for the Saints Week 15 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on December 20, 2020

New Orleans Saints tackle Terron Armstead
Video call with New Orleans media
Friday, De. 18, 2020

You get Drew (Brees) back this week. He's been at practice actually practicing this week. How good is that for you just to get him back this week?
"It's great. Everybody knows what Drew means to this offense and to the team and to the league. So definitely a great thing to have him back."

*From a protection standpoint, does the injury he has factor in your mind at all? Or do you put that completely out and just go out and play your game? *"Always our first objective is to protect him. That's our first priority to keep him clean as possible. And that's always the case every week. Consciously, you think about his body and on and all those things, but it should never be a situation where we feel like we've got to do more to protect him. That's always the approach."

Look for years, you've talked about the respect that you have for Drew. What about your thoughts and knowing him the way you do, the fact that he worked so hard to get back for this game? He knows it's a big game, and to really sort of finish things out to get you guys in a role heading into the postseason?
"Yeah, I mean, Drew is working around the clock. If you talk to him, he's disappointed he wasn't back already for the weeks prior. So I know that he's been working tirelessly to get back and get himself ready to help us win games. You never have to worry about Drew, his commitment, dedication, work ethic, has always been that. That's probably his biggest attributes throughout his career."

*What was the atmosphere like around the facility this week just knowing that this is two really, really good football teams going up against each other? Is there ever any difference around the facility? Or do you guys really try to just keep everything always the same? **"I mean, I think we do a really good job of approaching each week as its own, approaching each team as full detail, full attention. And I think that's the biggest reason why we've been able to hit streaks in these past several seasons, is that we make sure we don't cut any corners with each team in preparation. Not taking anything for granted. Like I said, I think that's why we've been able to reel off six, seven in a row. That's hard to do and in this league. So this week has been a lot of the same, it's exciting though. You get a chance to play the defending champs and they've earned that respect for you to come and give them your best shot."

You've been with this team for a while. Just how influential has the draft class of 2017 been with Marshon (Lattimore), (Ryan) Ramczyk, Marcus Williams, Alvin (Kamara) Alex Anzalone and Trey Hendrickson?
"It's an amazing class. It's ridiculous really, honestly, it's ridiculous just to put all those names and bring all those guys in at one time. We had those 7-9 seasons, and the 2017 draft class was definitely a turning point, a spark of us getting back on the right track as far as being a winning franchise and holding one of those top spots. So that class is amazing with elite players, young guys that are still progressing and still making a name and a career for themselves."

*About facing the Chiefs, especially that front, we know what they can do as pass rushers, but they have been vulnerable in the run game. Is this a game you could see more balance in what you guys try to do or do you think just the flow of the game will dictate that? *"For us, man, it's flow and rhythm. It's tempo, it's rhythm. So I don't think it's necessarily one area we'll attack or expose, I think we are going to take, not take what they are giving us, but I think we are going to just try to take what we want, honestly, and then just get our rhythm go and get our tempo going. That's when we're at our best. And then when we struggle, our rhythm's disrupted. We have negative plays, penalties (and) tackles for loss. (We) Try to avoid those things, but playing fast, playing physical. That is the approach."

*Is there any difference when you're blocking for Drew (Brees) when you know he's going to throw the ball in like 2.3, 2.4 and Taysom who's like three seconds plus? Do you guys approach that differently knowing that you might have to hold a block longer or shorter based on the QB? *"No, not as far as the timing. I know your guy releases to go chase the ball. So you never know when the ball is coming out. There can be a screen call, but for some reason, if somebody jumped in front of the screen, Drew's not going to throw it. We're blocking until your guy releases down the field to chase the ball. Spots can be different. The activity in the pocket as far as one guy might step up more, one guy might roll out more, spots can be different. But timing wise, no, you lock in and try to hold on until the plays over."

*I know you're not going to really see him, but we are talking to an interior guy this week. Chris Jones, just when you look at that defensive line, what are some of the things that stand out about him? *"He's impressive, man. Impressive, really strong. You see his strength on the film over and over again. But also his quickness too. He's got some sudden moves. Doing some things with his hands that he's added into his arsenal over the last couple of years. So no, he's definitely an impressive player."

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