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Transcript - Terron Armstead Conference Call 11/20/20 | Week 11 vs. Falcons

New Orleans Saints offensive tackle Terron Armstead

New Orleans Saints Tackle Terron Armstead
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, November 20, 2020

Regardless of who's the starting quarterback this week, how much does it change for y'all up front when it's somebody other than Drew (Brees)?
"I won't say as much honestly. Although we haven't had many opportunities without Drew under center. Myself, I have not had many opportunities without Drew under center. But our objective is the same, protect the quarterback and open holes for the running back. Ultimately, that's our job. That's our goal."

How much does having gone through this last year help this time you feel like playing without Drew?
"Yeah, it definitely helped having that experience and having success. We understand the magnitude and the importance of Drew, everything that he brings to the team, for the game and not having him, but us having that experience, our defense is playing extremely well. We've got a ton of playmakers. So that experience definitely helps."

You guys had some big games out of your special teams last year when Drew was out. You had some big games out of your special teams this year when he's been in, but how critical is that unit? Everyone always says it's one third, but you guys seem to get big games out of that unit routinely.
"Yeah, our special teams is huge for us on a weekly basis, we count on those guys to put us in great position to control the field game, the field position battle every week. We put that challenge on those guys and time after time, they always ask for the bell. Same thing will be this week and every week going forward. We need those things to be exceptional."

Drew was at practice on Wednesday and today, even though he's hurt, how important is that just to have him around and be there for people to talk to people, to be a leader and that type of stuff?
"Yeah, it's extremely important. I mean, that's such a football mind that you're adding into a whole different point of view not being on the field so he's seeing things that he wouldn't even normally see. He has no problem sharing that information, helping anybody, every position, anything that he sees, any tendencies, film study. He's been vital and very important for us."

From the offensive line pride standpoint, just knowing that Drew's been kind of hit a lot this year, where are y'all kind of at with that or does that bother you?
"Absolutely. That's our number one objective. The number one job is to protect the quarterback to the best of our ability. We know teams, whether it's rushing or schematically, sometimes it's free rushes that are coming and getting in shots or high throws or things of that nature. But anytime the quarterback is touched, we don't feel like that's a job well done, it's not a positive at all. (Inaudible) imagination. So that's always goal number one is to protect the quarterback to the best of our ability. And I believe we can do better at that."

Throughout his career, he has been a guy who gets rid of the ball pretty quickly. So when he's not in there, even when Teddy (Bridgewater) was in last year, does that change that dynamic a little bit? Like you guys have to hold up a little bit longer?
"I mean, we've just got to play through they blow the whistle. That's every week regardless of who's in. Keep blocking until your guys start running down the field, chasing the ball. That's every week. We can't let that ever become like an automatic time clock where Drew is getting the ball out in three seconds, or anything like that until the job is done."

I've got two questions. My first one is who won between Jeezy and Gucci last night? And my second one is, as far as this rivalry, how would you describe it to someone who hasn't been a part of it?
"it's intense. A lot of history behind it, a lot of great battles. We've been on the winning side of the rivalry, and we've just got to keep it that way."

I want that Jeezy and Gucci take. It seems like you had something to say there and you didn't get the opportunity.
"Yeah, no, I feel like I'm probably more of a Gucci fan as far as his catalog goes, but as like a versus battle, I think Jeezy won last night."

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