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Transcript - Terron Armstead Conference Call 10/10/20 | Week 5 vs. Chargers

New Orleans Saints offensive linemen Terron Armstead talks about the Saints' offensive communication and the chargers defensive front prior to Week 5 against the Los Angeles Chargers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday, October 12, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Terron Armstead
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Just curious what you think of the Los Angeles defensive front, especially with the kind of player like (Joey) Bosa leading the charge there?
"Yeah, really good front, man. Really good front. Those guys play extremely hard, every snap, every game. They've been causing a lot of disruption, a lot of havoc through their first four games. (They've) really been the standout part of their defense this early part of the season."

Then as far as the play of the offensive line in general. I'm curious what your thoughts are, just a general assessment of that through four weeks considering some of the moving pieces you guys had to rotate in there?
"I think we have done a lot of things well. We have some areas to improve on. Some communication things that really shouldn't come up that has transpired in these past four weeks. Rarely too, rarely, but we can clean those things up. We're getting some guys back on the offensive line and that'll definitely. We did a great job with our depth. We got guys that played a lot a lot of snaps that wasn't technically slotted to start at the beginning of the season. I like where we are and the guys we have got coming back, that's exciting."

Is (Joey) Bosa typically over the right tackle or does he move around a little bit?
"Last week, he was on the right talking quite a bit, most of the snaps, probably 90% of the snaps. Three weeks prior, he was moving around quite a lot more. You never know. I don't know what the scheme or game plan is. Throughout his career he's bounced around a little bit more."

When you say those communication issues shouldn't arise, is that even the case when you're kind of mixing guys in and out of there with Nick (Easton) going right to left and Cesar coming in and playing? Just curious what you think there.
"It's more so what we're striving for, just trying to perfect our craft and communication is a big part of that, technique, all those things and things going to happen. We're going to have bad plays and some pressure but to the best of our ability, try to minimize that or eliminate that, that's what we have to do."

Obviously, after this game you have your bye coming up. Having been in the league for a number of years now, is there any benefit to having the bye early? Do you prefer having it late? Does it really not matter to you? Does it kind of just depend on the situation of the season?
"I think it's at a really good time for us, honestly. We've got quite a few guys that had been banged up pretty much all season. I think it's coming at a time right now where we get an extra week to get some guys healthier. And hopefully that'll carry on throughout the rest of the season."

We've kind of heard guys on both sides of the ball talk about communication issues. I think one of the things in the media we were all like, "Oh, they're a veteran team, like, that'll be easy. The offseason won't affect them." But is that something that has to be reestablished every year and something you've got to keep working on even with a veteran team?
"The veteran presence definitely helps in a ton of areas, for sure. But you can never really imitate real life situations or game like situations or game tempo, game scenarios where it really comes up and you have got to do these things on the fly. The more we can get that in and the more we can get those live reps and real life reps, that'll be the most beneficial (thing) for us than anything else."

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