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Transcript - Terron Armstead Conference Call 1/14/21 | NFC Divisional Round 2020

New Orleans Saints offensive linemen Terron Armstead praises teammate Drew Brees and talks about the Bucs run defense prior to the Saints divisional playoff matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, January 17, 2021.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Terron Armstead
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's run two years in a row now Tampa has had the the number one rush defense in the NFL, statistically, you ran pretty well against them last time. So I guess what? What do they do so well, that makes it tough. And then what did you find success with last time you played?
"Schematically, they have a really good plan on how to defend the run, gaps, disciplined defense they got the personnel to get the job done as well. So we got to have a concentrated effort to continue to create lanes in a run game. be extremely physical up front, get the job done, execute our game plan."

You kind of touched on what I was going to ask, but you mentioned a concentrated effort in a game where you're going against the, you know, the top run defense in the league, do you? How do you measure the success? I mean, obviously, with the yards, but is there any other way you like, say, All right, we're, we're executing what we're trying to do, even if the numbers don't show?
"Yeah. I mean, just try to get our job done individually, and then collectively get to have a successful play successful run, and take all 11 to get it done. Like I said, those guys have the personnel to, to have that to be statistically the number one defense. So (it) won't be easy task by no stretch, but I think we'll be able to get it done."

When you're playing a team the third time, are there things you can do with like your technique to just kind of give them a different look, and maybe try to offset that familiarity that you guys have with one another?
"Not necessarily with technique. If anything, it's kind of hard to say. Your identity is such so just it's about execution preparation, going out there playing hard physical and find a way to win."

What's the most competitive you've seen Drew Brees off the football field. Like is has he tried to beat you in something that he shouldn't be trying to beat you out? Like at basketball? Anything turns into a competition? By any stretch of imagination with Drew is like that, having spent so much time with him?
"It's like 100% No matter if it's rock, paper, scissors, ping pong. We've had some ping pong matches that have gotten pretty intense. I felt like he wasn't talking to me for a couple days after like, it is real. Like he's an extremely competitive dude."

Do you feel that competitiveness is part of why he is in the NFL 20 years later?
"Yeah, I think that's a one of the main components of his makeup, his competitiveness, him getting up to that level to win to compete. Yeah, that's a huge part of who he is."

Besides the significance of the game for your team, have you spent much time thinking about the historical significance of this game with these two quarterbacks in Drew and Tom Brady and all they've accomplished?
"I don't really get into (having time to) notice storylines. It's all about winning on Sunday. And once you win a game you have no idea who's watching. I'm not focusing on if we are on Nickelodeon only on Fox, CBS anything like that so yeah, I don't I don't really get into the storylines much. still understand the magnitude though, it's the playoffs and we all fight for one goal. So it's extremely important. But no, we're just trying to focus on getting that W Sunday."

What do you think of all the things Sean Payton has done this year in helping this team navigate the different issues a COVID-19 season presented?
"I think he's an excellent coach, putting everyone in position to be successful. The coaching staff, the players, making sure our development is on point whenever we've had mishaps or being prepared for all types of situations that come up I think he's done an extremely good job of just being a great head coach."

I know you don't really have any other situations to compare it to in the NFL, but is there is there sort of a sense that you notice in the locker room of this team knowing that the coach and the coaching staff is prepared for hurdles and can handle the things that come up based on their longevity and experience?
"Yeah, the uniqueness of this season never happened, never having this experience before but knowing Sean he doesn't leave any box unchecked. So just know him and you know how that's how that's how he prepares he's a guy that go back and watch a play from 20 years ago it'd be feel like there's a possibility that come up. So knowing him this kind of feeds into his makeup a season like this with so many unknowns and being able to adjust midstream and just not make any excuses. Just go out go about your business."

I wanted to go back to you were talking about Drew Brees, I enjoyed one of the stories that Ryan Ramczyk gave yesterday about kind of his first interaction with him. And when he messed up a play, he basically bit his head off and then walked over to him after practice and said, I got your back, I'm here for you. Do you have one of those experiences with Drew where you've kind of been on the other side of that fiery intensity and then you walk off the field and get up at the end of the day, you're teammates? In other words, like when he does walk away from the game? What stories will you share with family and friends that stands out about Drew and one of those interactions?
"Yeah, I mean, I've had a ton of ton of interactions with him. I never had the type of thing come up with myself that came up with Ramcyzk. But it could be it could be anything, if I tell somebody about like my experience with them. It would probably be the the ping pong matches we had. Or shooting a basketball or it's like, literally, literally anything that turns into a game is much more than a game for him like instantly. And you see it in his his focus. A couple years ago, we will be throwing darts. Offense versus defense. And when drew was going, it's like, bro, you are way too serious. And that's just how he is just how he is about everything. And I haven't seen one of his like flag football games that he's coaching. I but I guarantee he is the loudest the super intense kids might be afraid of. But that's him. That's him. What's the one thing he's not good at? When we saw Tom Brady isn't great at golf, which I think a lot of us felt good about. Well, what is the one thing that that Brees maybe isn't as good at? Oh, that's tough. That's tough. That'd be that'd be the hard part about competing with him because he's like legit good at everything. So that's tough. Oh, oh, no, I know you're not the fastest. So as I say that, so I probably won't pick 100 meter dash. I'll say that."

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