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Transcript: Teddy Bridgewater Postgame Quotes | Saints-Cowboys 2019 Week 4

Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media following a Week 4 win vs Dallas Cowboys


Opening comments: "First, hats off to the defense. Overall, great team effort. We knew it was going to be a battle coming into this game. Last year we heard about how physical and how much more physical they were than us and we knew coming into this game we had to be the most physical team. We knew that we had to possess the ball, we had to lead in certain areas of this game. Of course, when we watch the tape tomorrow there will be certain areas that we need to improve on. I know for myself taking that last sack on that last drive, taking us out of field goal range now making it a field goal game opposed to guys having to drive down and scoring a touchdown. In this league we know how hard it is to win games, and no one said they had to be pretty. The only stat that matters is the wins keep adding up. We will get back to work tomorrow and watch the tape, find some things that we have to improve on and continue to build on the things that we're doing well."

(on being more comfortable at QB)
"Each week I'm getting that experience and getting more comfortable. Of course, we all have to get on the same page and stop shooting ourselves in the foot. For every big play that we have it was brought back by a penalty. We just have to lock in and do what we do best and play Saints football. We can't think too much. I think often times when we think too much penalties happen. We need to play fast, play with some tempo, and it starts with me. I'm going to continue to challenge these guys as the week goes on and challenge myself to play with a sense of urgency and tempo."

(on doing something differently when sacked in his final offensive play of the game)
"I have to be better in that situation. I was aware that we had points on the board, and I think I have to find ways to throw it over Alvin's (Kamara) head or something or throw it down the field. It is one of those situations where you wish it did not happen, you never want that to be the last play of the game as an offensive player, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. At the end of the day we won the football game and that is why we play this game, to win."

(on watching the defense on the final drive)
"It was a great thing to see. We practice situational football and practice situations like that on Fridays and Saturdays. To see practice translate to the football field is a great thing to see. It's great to see the defense hold those guys. As an offensive player you don't want to put your guys in that situation where you're on the edge of your seats hoping and praying that we get a stop, get a sack, or force a turnover. Hats off to the defense for creating turnovers and holding those guys on offense. We know how great their offense has been this year so hats off to the defense for just accepting the challenge this week."

(on scrambling)
"It feels great. It's something that I continue to get better at. There's sometimes where I just have to live to see another down, end up trying to outlive in a scramble and end up taking a sack. It's a great thing to be able to bring that extra tool to the table and take the ball down field and being able to use my legs to keep the play alive. It's something that we will have to get comfortable with, whether it is me knowing how deep I'm going to get in the pocket, or if things break down and my escape plan. Just getting everyone on the same page."

(on Alvin Kamara)
"Alvin, you know how special he is. He's a guy that works really hard and one of the smartest football players I've ever been around. To watch him bounce off tackles, catch the ball out of the back field, and make plays for this offense. He's so valuable to this offense and I'm so glad that he's on this team."

(on balancing when to take risks or be safe)
"It all depends on matchups and which opportunities present themselves. Today we had the opportunity to take some shots down the field and Mike Thomas on some back-shoulder throws. Playing against a sound defense like that you know that they picked up things in the zone, so trying to keep things in front of them. We understand that we may not be able to push the ball down field but when they do come up and play man coverage and things like that, we have to take advantage of those matchups. We tried to do that today. For me, it is understanding that my job is to get the ball to the playmakers and allow those guys on the outside, our tight ends and our running backs to make plays. Whether it's me dumping it down to Alvin and he's running for seven yards or it's hitting Mike Thomas on the back shoulder. My job is just to get the ball to those guys and allow them to make plays."

(on personal stats)
"I base everything around my past couple of years. The past couple of years I had zero stats. The stat box said zero in every column, but the one stat that did add up for me over the years were the W's. I was winning in life. So now I approach the game with that mind-set. I'm not playing this game for the numbers, I don't care to impress anyone, sorry to say it the fantasy teams and things like that. I play this game for the guys in the locker room. We all come here to the stadium with one thing on our mind, and that's to win football games and help this team win football games. I understand the league's evolved into numbers and things like that, but the most important number is wins and the wins column. We've been able to win two games back to back against tough opponents. The first four games this year have been against playoff teams and we walk away from this stretch being 3-1. I could care less about the numbers. I'll leave the numbers to Mike Thomas, Alvin Kamara, those guys, they can put up the numbers. My job right now is to help this team win football games."

(on having Drew Brees on the sideline)
"It's always great to see Drew. To ask him questions as the game is going on and ask him, 'What's something that you're seeing right now?' Like I said last week, he mentioned to me at halftime that 'completions are good.' Just take completions and exploit the matchups that you like and just play fast. To have him here and his physical presence is a big asset for us."

(on offensive penalties)
"It's tough. To be in a second-and-20 and the call sheet is getting thin. Then to get to third down and it's third and long, we only have so many third-and-long calls. If we could just eliminate the negative plays, we will be much more explosive. We'll have more opportunities to do certain things. It all starts with being on the same page. Going back to day one football, OTA's without the pass, just lining up, breaking the huddle with tempo, playing with confidence, and playing fast. That'll eliminate the penalties and the rest will take care of itself."

(on flag being picked up after giving himself up on the slide)
"It's part of the game, things happen. Calls go our way calls don't go our way. We keep playing."

(on being hit again)
"You never want to take hits, but it serves as a reminder that hits still feel the same. It's pretty cool to run around and get hit a little bit. It just wakes you up sometimes. These guys are real so let's go."

(on how loud it was in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome)
"It was very loud. You talk about the travel schedule that we had these last couple of weeks and being away from the Dome, to come back here and play in front of this city, to play in front of these fans, it helped us in big ways. The fans were loud on third downs, they were loud on defense creating turnovers. If we could continue to have them and use them as an advantage it'll be very beneficial for us."

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