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Transcript: Teddy Bridgewater postgame media availability | Saints-Chargers 2019 Preseason Week 2

New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media after Saints-Chargers 2019 Preseason Week 2


Opening statement:

"What an exciting finish to a football game. It's great to see the guys be able to fight for four quarters and come out with the victory. It was a game of momentum — momentum shifts — and our guys did a great job of taking over the momentum the second half and keeping it. We came out with the victory, get to head back to New Orleans and prepare for New York."

On being sick for today's game:

"I came down with something about two days ago, but I owe it to those guys to be out there. We practice together. We give our all when we're out there. I think I just have to do a better job fighting through difficult situations and things like that. Our guys are still out there competing at a high level, and I have to be out there. If I'm out there with those guys I have to continue to elevate my game, and today was just one of those days where things weren't clicking the way I hope they would."

On how he would evaluate his performance today:

"It was a poor game. Missed a couple throws. The energy wasn't there on my behalf. I have to do a better job. Like I said, when I'm dealing with things — just still being able to provide energy. Those guys feed off my energy. When I walk into that huddle guys like to see confidence, a guy who they believe in and today I just didn't give those guys the energy that we deserve."

On his interception that was intended for RB Dwayne Washington:

"It's something that came up back in the spring, and coach mentioned it to me. Sometimes when I get off my progression, I get to the check down, and sometimes I get to it too fast. It was one of those things that happened. I got off the guy. We ran a pattern. They covered it well, and I was going through progression, getting to the back and just have to throw a better ball — a catchable ball. Those guys — they're not wide receivers, but I guess I just have to throw them a better pass and avoid turning the ball over in that situation."

On the fumbled snap:

"That was some miscommunication. That's something we've been taking pride in all training camp. We haven't had that many errors like that around camp, so I'm pretty sure we'll make the corrections tomorrow. Tomorrow's a 'Tell the Truth Monday,' and you have to continue to try to get better and move forward and not let the same things happen again."

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