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Transcript: Tanoh Kpassagnon conference call 3/29/21

New Orleans Saints defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon speaks with local media

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Tanoh Kpassagnon
Video Call with Local Media 
Monday, March 29, 2020

Opening Remarks:
"I just wanted to thank Mrs. Benson, Mickey (Loomis), Coach (Sean) Payton, the whole staff for bringing me on, really accepting me here. I feel the love already and then also just want to thank the Chiefs for the four years I had there. It was great, it was an amazing opportunity and now I'm blessed with another one."

What interested you in coming to join the Saints and this being a place you wanted to sign?
"Honestly, playing against them. I saw how their defensive line especially just got after it. You see it with their production on the field, how they stop the run, how they really get after the passer and playing them, seeing that in person really is what made that stick to me."

Kind of a similar question, like, once you saw that did you then do some I guess research into the Saints and Ryan Nielsen, some of the guys who's developed I guess since he's been here? How did that kind of process work?
"Yeah, I mean you see it with guys like Trey Hendrickson per se. A lot of people didn't really know who he was, but going through this system and being with Coach Nielsen definitely you see that rise, that shot this past year. Coach Nielsen, just coming out of college I remember him working me out and how he actually coached and I love the passion and you know he's going to get the most out of you."

How do you feel like they're going to utilize your versatility inside and outside? You've been able to rush from both spots and do you feel like that interior rush is something that kind of sets you apart a little bit from maybe some other edge guys?
"Yeah just because I have the ability to do both like you said, I'll be able to line up and kind of complement the guys that are here so we can all kind of just get after the quarterback."

We were just talking to Nick Vannett and he told us about how his free agency pitch went. This is your first time going through it and it's kind of a weird time to be a free agent right now so just curious how that kind of whole (process went)? Did the Saints show interest in you and then how did that courting process go?
"I'd say it was definitely mutual interest. Right after the season, I knew it was about that time, contract was up and the Saints were just super high on my radar and then finding out that the coaching staff and everybody here wanted me too was just awesome. Perfect fit."

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