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Transcript: Tackle Terron Armstead weekly conference call - September 23, 2019

Tackle Terron Armstead speaks to media prior to Week 4

New Orleans Saints Tackle Terron Armstead
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, September 23, 2019

Just after watching the film from the game, obviously the offensive line looked like it played well, but what were your thoughts on how the line played?
"I think we did some things well, run game and pass protection. Obviously, some things we need to clean up. We had a few communication errors last week that could come back to bite us. Definitely got to get that cleaned up."

Sorry if you answered this already yesterday, but did you hear the Demario (Davis') pregame speech and what were your thoughts on it?
"I loved it. It was perfect. It was suited to the way we had to approach that game. Our mindset, just banding together, going out and hunting, and then in taking the win. It was perfect. I loved it."

Was it odd? I know you guys had a week to get adjusted, but I guess the pregame huddles kind of Drew (Brees') thing. Was it odd to hear a different voice in there?
"There was definitely a few unusual situations this week was with nine being out, but everybody stepped up into their role and found a way to make it happen."

When you're in a tough environment like that, what is the biggest key to the game? You guys, obviously get a defensive touchdown, you get a special teams touchdown. How much does that help in a hostile environment like that?
"It's critical. It was huge for us. Deonte (Harris) got us going early, got the energy going, the momentum on our side early. Defense played great. All of those things are factors. We've just got to find a way to win that game. So that's how we had the win that game yesterday and this upcoming week we've just got to find a way to win this game. It can go a lot of different ways, but I think that the great thing about our team is that we have a lot of different ways we can win."

What is it about this group, this offensive line that's able to make adjustments so quickly, even in games?
"We are a group that works hard, works extremely hard, we prepare ourselves and then at the end of the day, we're just a bunch of fighters. We can handle adversity, adjustments, getting beat, and having to go right back and just keep fighting and scratching and clawing. We understand the playmakers that we have and we just try to give those guys a chance."

Obviously, you guys have a tough opponent coming in this week. How does the team, I guess kind of refocus and approach that challenge?
"Just prepare, stick with our routine, prepare this week. We're extremely focused on Dallas. They have a great team, a complete team. It's going to be a tough one. Should be a fun Sunday Night game, but we'll have our plan together and be ready for them."

Coach Payton mentioned that some of the schedule had changed up, Teddy (Bridgewater) wanted to do something different. Did any of that a trickle down to you guys?
"No. Not at all. That was just those guys, the quarterbacks and offensive heads."

Given how unusual the special teams and defensive touchdowns are in the same game, what is the offense talking about with how it wants to progress in the coming weeks just knowing you won't be able to necessarily rely on that kind of help in every game?
"Definitely not counting on it, but we'll take it every game. Offensively, we started off slow, not slow, but we put ourselves behind the chains as far as penalties, communication errors. Credit to the Seahawk's crowd, making all that noise. We just had to get into that rhythm. It was new for a few guys being in that type of an environment. Just communicating, getting better, but once we got going, our rhythm got going, I think the offense moved pretty efficiently. We were able to impose our will and in a few areas. That was encouraging and can see more of that going forward."

I know you're often blocking for Alvin Kamara, but do you ever find it hard to kind of not watch the show when he's just bouncing off guys and making guys miss?
"That guy's amazing. He's amazing. He's a joy to watch for sure. I try to block for him in he doesn't ask for much. He doesn't need much room. I just try to block for him, do whatever I can for him. He's a special player. Very entertaining to watch his balance, his power, how slippery he is. I'm huge fan. AK is amazing."

Do you ever find it hard to not watch Alvin Kamara make all his moves when you block for him?
"That guy's amazing. He's amazing. He's a joy to watch for sure. I try to block for him and he don't ask for much. He doesn't need much room, I just try to block for him and do whatever I can for him. He's a special player, it's very entertaining to watch his balance, his power, I'm a huge fan of AK. He's amazing!"

What plays do you think you were able to impose your will on the most?
"We came out in the second half with two really good drives, burned up some clock and were able to do it in the run game and pass game. (In the) run game just lining up and going without having to do many adjustments or checks and get six, seven (yards on carries), AK popped one for like 20, it ended up getting called back, but just having those and seeing it happening and in the pass game our protection was pretty good most of the time and Teddy (Bridgewater) was able to find his rhythm after a couple high throws earlier in the game. That third quarter he was right on the money and it started rolling for us."

How much would you expect the success that you demonstrated in the second half to carry over and can that momentum be taken into the next game?
"The rhythm for sure, we can keep that rhythm and that tempo up. Like I said that game, that's how we had to win that game. This game rhythm and tempo is going to be a part of it for sure, but we just have to find what we need to do to win that game."

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