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Transcript: Sean Payton postgame media availability | Saints-Chargers 2019 Preseason Week 2

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton speaks to the media after Saints-Chargers 2019 Preseason Week 2


Opening statement:

"I told our players after that game, it felt like there was obviously two different halves. A lot of things that were frustrating, discouraging. Things that we're going to have to clean up when we watch the tape tomorrow. Then, there were some things that were more encouraging in the second half. By no means is it a game you come away from and feel like you're ready for the regular season. We have a lot of work still to do. I thought we played pretty good defense early in the game. I thought offensively, we were awful."

On how much stock QB Taysom Hill gets for leading the Saints to a victory:

"It's always been a game of emotion and momentum, and I thought he did a really good job of that. That's real. So quite a bit of stock."

On if today was an example of how many things Hill can do well:

"Yeah. I was encouraged. I think he had a good camp. He and [QB] Teddy [Bridgewater] both, I feel like, have progressed. I've seen it day to day out in practice. Teddy was sick and I probably should have got him out of the game earlier, but we weren't going to play [QB] Drew [Brees]. Then Taysom came in and did a really good job."

On if he calls plays differently depending on which QB is playing:

"I think it's easier to do when they're in as a starter for a game. It's a little more challenging as you put a plan together. I thought [OC] Pete [Carmichael] did a good job of utilizing some of the things that those guys do differently than Drew [Brees]. You're trying to maybe highlight some things that they do specifically well. Now, some of them were just scrambles and he's pretty good when he's running."

On WR Deonte Harris:

"He should have caught the one that landed on the ground. That bothered me. It's a little bit of you don't know what you're going to get, yet you see some good signs. I'm encouraged, but just some of the details he has to work on. He's certainly confident and you see his quickness."

On if Teddy Bridgewater's sickness played a role on his performance today:

"Well, he didn't get a lot of help. There were a lot of dirty hands in those drives early on, offensively. We got the ball inside the 50 and just didn't pull the job. That's why I felt like it was really two different halves when you watch the game."

On if some of Bridgewater's incompletions were because he was rushed:

"I'd want to see the film before I evaluate each one."

On having two turnovers inside the 10 yard-line:

"Make no mistake about it, I said in the beginning, there's some things that just eat at you a little bit. You can't do [that] as a team and expect to win against good teams. Those are the things that we have to get correct."

On DE Trey Hendrickson:

"He's had a good camp. I like where his weight is at. He plays with great energy and effort. I'm anxious to watch and give the grades, but I thought he was active as well."

On what has been holding DE Hendrickson back the past few years:

"Well, it's his third year. Last year, I thought his weight got a little light. This year, he's playing a little stronger and a little heavier."

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