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Transcript: Saints WR Michael Thomas Postgame Quotes | Saints-Titans 2019 Week 16

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas


(on how it feels to break the NFL's single-season receptions record)

To be honest, it doesn't really mean nothing. We got the victory. We're trying to play and go to a championship right now, and at the end of the season we'll look up and see all the things we accomplished. But right now we're focused on one common goal, and that's a championship.

(on moving into the slot position at times today against the Titans)

Just figuring it out through the course of the game. Taking what they're giving you, and learning how to execute and split doubles, and create separation, and just preparation throughout the week. Talking to Drew (Brees), asking him what he likes and what he sees, and just trying to be absolutely where he wants me at the right time.

(on his level of respect for Marvin Harrison)

Oh yeah, most definitely. Tremendous player, Hall of Fame player. I actually know his son, who's actually going to Ohio State and has a bright future as well. A guy that I got to know this offseason, who is going to be real special and I'm excited for him to go to Ohio State. Marvin, there's not many bad things you could say about him. He's a real professional, the way he went about his business. Just to be in this position right now, it's a blessing. I don't take it for granted. But, the fact that we still have more goals as a team as far as like, not the individual stuff that comes along with it. I would be selfish to be like, 'Oh, you know, I just caught all these passes and did all this.' Ultimately, I was catching passes to win the game to help my team to be in the position we're in now, so I just want to keep catching passes and end up where we want to be. 

(on setting a single-season NFL record for receptions)

We're just so locked in and focused on playing that perfect game, winning as many games as we can and staying in the moment. So, it's hard. I broke the record and caught a lot of passes, but it's just like, what I was doing that for, was for my team. So, I wasn't really looking at the stat sheet, but I was making sure I caught the passes and added value to my team. That's ultimately what I'm here to do, and I feel like as long as I continue to do that I'll catch more passes and break more records. 

(on his touchdown today)

Just accountability and our preparation and our coaching. We have tremendous coaches who allow us to play fast on Sundays, that put us in position to make big plays to move the chains, and credit to those guys. Credit to all my teammates, honestly, for the record. It was a contributed effort they all played a part in. Like, I couldn't catch a pass if Ryan (Ramczyk), Terron (Armstead), Larry (Warford), (Andrus) Peat, (Nick) Easton – those guys, my teammates, I love them. They honestly put me in position to make those plays. They gave the quarterback enough time. Credit to picking up protections by the running backs, to the receivers clearing out space, to Teddy Bridgewater to Taysom (Hill). I could go down the whole list and thank all my teammates. To the defense, they gave us the ball back and gave us possessions to make those catches. It's all complementary football.

(on his plans for the recording-breaking football)

Like I said, I haven't really, like, taken it all in yet. I'm just happy for the victory and to be moving in the right direction playing for a one or two seed.

(on going around to his teammates following his record-breaking catch)

Oh yeah, I always do that. You guys probably just caught it there because of what just happened, but I always like to encourage my teammates and let them know – just thank them, and make sure we're all locked in and we're staying focused, and doing the things we're supposed to do and encouraging them. Just things team players do.

(on breaking the NFL's single-season receptions record)

The record, it's broken and it's going to be extended next week. That's all I'll say. Like, we have a big game coming next week. I don't really want to talk too much about the individual stuff, man. I'm blessed to be in this position to be able have the opportunity to break that record, to be with the names of those guys. We can have this interview at the end of the season, you know, after we look at all the individual stuff. Right now, I'm playing for my team.

(on what motivates him after signing a large contract in the offseason)

First and foremost, I don't pay attention to other guys and what they're doing, and all the stuff they have going on. I just try to stay in my lane, you know, maximize my potential and always try to get better. Find ways to enhance my weaknesses, and improve the things I'm really good at so that no one can take those away from me, and keep my blinders on and win games. That's the best feeling at the end of the day. wins, The win column, adding up the win column.

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