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Transcript - Saints TE Jared Cook Postgame Quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2020 Week 1

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook


(On the 46-yard pass reception)
"Drew checked the play at the line of scrimmage. Once he checked it, I was trying to get on top of the defender. I'm not sure what drew his eyes back to Drew behind the line of scrimmage, but he sluffed off a little bit. I guess he thought the play was over and I just kept running my route and Drew was able to hit me in stride right down the sideline."

(On the empty stadium)
"It was eerie. It was definitely uncharacteristic for sure. It was very different. You could hear a lot. The music was not loud enough. The crowd noise we felt was not loud enough. You definitely had to bring your own energy, which was different. Our fans fuel us. People get us going. Those fans encourage us and bring the noise. It was a day where you had to bring your own energy. We did the best that we could to hype each other up and keep each other going on the sidelines."

(On coming up big on third down)
"Third down is very important especially when you get down to the red zone. You want to stay on the field and you want to keep driving. There were a lot of looks. The first third down they played a cover four deep zone. He checked it down and threw me the ball. I was able to pick up a first down. Third down's the most important down for us. It keeps the chains moving. You always have to be there for number nine when he's ready for you."

(On Alvin Kamara's productivity today)
"It was awesome. It shows why he's one of the best backs in the league. He was just out there flying around all day especially towards the end of the game. He got the one on the sidelines and was able to get us to the five. It was huge. He is a huge asset for us. He is so versatile. He can do so many things. It was good to see him get going. It should have been three touchdowns, but I won't hold him to that."

(On how different did it feel with no preseason games)
"It was quite different. Pretty much the whole game we were on the sideline talking about how different it was. Even after the game when we weren't sure if we could shake hands with him or walk across the field and talk to them. You just have to stay in your groove. Everything from start to finish was weird. The only crowd noise we had was some of our inactive players that were in the stands cheering so loud. I think they did a great job bringing energy themselves. It definitely felt a little off. Like I said before, you have to bring your own energy. You have to bring your own juice."

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