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Transcript: Head Coach Sean Payton Postgame Quotes | Saints-Rams 2019 Week 2 

Coach Sean Payton speaks to the media following a Week 2 loss at Rams

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton – Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – September 15, 2019

(Opening Remarks)
"Obviously, it's a disappointing loss. I thought in the first half, it was kind of a defensive game. Field position game. We were comfortable with that, certainly being on the road. I think when we watch this tape tomorrow, we're going to be disappointed with tackling, we're going to be disappointed offensively, with how we played, particularly up front, penalties. This will be a hard film to watch for the guys."

(On how disappointing the call on the fumble was)
"You can't focus…the things we can control as coaches are the things that I just alluded to. When we get poor officiating or we get an awful call like that, we can't control that. Our focus this week is going to be on cleaning up the penalties and making sure we got the right guys on the field, too."

(On if it looked like a fumble to him)
"Listen, I just finished telling you."

(On describing when he saw Saints QB Drew Brees get hurt and what communication Brees was giving him as he was standing on the sideline)
"It was the thumb. Right away when he attempted to throw, he was having pain with it. It wasn't anything elaborate."

(On if they did X-rays on Brees at halftime)
"We'll give you an update when the time comes up."

(On how much he had to change his gameplan after Brees went out)
"Nope. We didn't have to change a lot."

(On if Brees needs an MRI)
"I'm sure we'll go through the whole medical procedure. We'll give you an update, two days."

(On what he liked about Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater coming into the game)
"When we watch this tape, (Saints QB) Teddy (Bridgewater) came in ready to go. The guys surrounded him. Particularly, the penalties that we faced all of a sudden, first-and-20. I thought he was ready to play. He's a pro, he knows how to win. He knows how to win in this league. I didn't think we played particularly well around him. When we watch that tape tomorrow, it's not going to be pleasant for some guys."

(On how much of a struggle for the offensive line to defend)
"Just watch the game. I thought we got whooped up front."

(On if there was any thought after Brees went out that he would do more with Saints QB Taysom Hill)
"It was going to be difficult to try to do that. I felt real confident in Teddy and do feel confident. The hats Taysom's wearing, we got thin at receiver. The last quarter of the game, he was the third receiver. We've got a receiver goes down during pregame, right after we turn in the inactives, so we're down one receiver. Then (Saints WR) Tre'Quan (Smith). We felt comfortable with our plan, especially with Teddy."

(On it being a tough film to watch)
"Absolutely it will."

(On if he can pull any positives out of this game)
"Not right now I can't."

(On how much more difficult it becomes for the team when the No. 2 quarterback is thrust into the starting position)
"If you're not playing well up front, I don't care if it's your Hall of Fame guy or your number three guy. It's going to be difficult. We got to play better up front. Too many penalties, too much pressure, too many minus runs. You're going to see all of this on tape. I watched it."

(On if he felt like Bridgewater and the players were going to be able to get into the pocket offensively in the second half after they were able to drive it down long and still looking for the field goal)
"There's a sequence there that went quickly, 14 and 21. At some point, you got to answer when you're playing a good offensive team. It's hard to do that if you're firs- and-20. It's hard to do that if you're getting called for holding. It makes it more difficult for the quarterback and everyone.

(On if it would have been hard to use Taysom since it was Bridgewater's first game)
"I don't know that that would have been anything of significance"

(On if staying on the West Coast for the week will help him with being able to focus)
"We'll see."

(On what it felt like to sign his five-year extension and be in New Orleans for another five years)
"That's a side note. It's a part of our business. I would say I'd much rather answer that question on better circumstances, but enjoy coaching this team. All of us got to do a better job this week, myself included."

(On any updates for Saints WR Tre'Quan Smith and Saints G/T Andrus Peat)
"Nothing on those guys. I know Tre (Tre'Quan) was getting an X-ray on his ankle. Nothing on (Saints G/T) Andrus (Peat).

(On if he initially thought that Brees would be able to come back in or if he knew immediately that he could not play)
"It was hard to grip the football. There wasn't that thought unless we were just going to run hand-offs every play."

Photos of the New Orleans Saints entering the Los Angeles Coliseum ahead of their 2019 week 2 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

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