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Transcript: Teddy Bridgewater Postgame Quotes | Saints-Seahawks 2019 Week 3

Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media following a Week 3 win vs Seattle Seahawks


(On if he could sense how well prepared they were heading into this game…)
"Yeah, with us being in Bellevue for the week it forces you to continue to bond with one another. Our families weren't here – they may have come at the end of the week but towards the early part of the week we had a lot of time to bond with each other. Going out to the practice field you just saw that look in everyone's eyes that meant we want to get back to winning." 

(On getting emotional before the game…)
"I was just thinking about the process from the time I was injured up until now. Just thinking about all of the ones that believed in me and just being back on this stage and getting to show how faithful God is… It just hit me right before the game. I had joked with the guys that I haven't felt this way since 2015 or the playoff game against Seattle in 2016."

(On the end of the first half and when he felt like they started clicking…)
"We were trying to make sure we could secure some points before half. We knew that we got the ball back. It just took me to realize that I have one of the best wide receivers in the NFL here (Thomas) and I get to throw the ball to him whenever I feel like it. Just use your guys. You watch Alvin (Kamara) making plays all day, you watch Mike (Thomas) when you throw it to him, it's a for sure catch. In that moment we knew that we could convert right there."

(On how much fun it is to watch Kamara...)
"He's like a human joystick… you give him the ball and he's spinning, juking, bouncing off of guys. As a quarterback you can give him a screen and just watch the play happen and it's like, 'man, this guy is a bad man.' We are glad he's on our team and he's one of those guys that's a leader on offense." 

(On winning on the road and how it can help his confidence…)
"We knew that we have a good football team, but I think coming into this game we were a desperate team. We knew that we needed to win. We were desperate for the win. We played with that mindset and it gave us that chip on our shoulders that man, we aren't leaving here without a win." 

(On his reaction after the game and how he felt once it was over…)
"This morning when I woke up I told myself, 'no matter what happens, I'm a winner." We all talk about winning on the football field, but I feel like I'm a winner in life. I try not to make it about me but I just think about the process I went through to be here and all of the ones that believed in me, those are the winners with me. Then when we are able to win the game like that, my emotions are at an all-time high. I can't wait to get back into the locker room and celebrate with the guys that made this happen." 

(On the support he received from Brees ahead of this start…)
"When I got back to the locker room Drew (Brees) had texted my phone. We had been texting all week and we love Drew and he loves us and we know that he wanted to be here on the sideline… He's a guy who's very supportive. Everyone sees what goes on with football, but Drew is one of those guys that's very supportive in life." 

(On what kind of advice Brees has had for him ahead of this week…)
"Honestly, it's one message that he gave me a while back, and it's 'completions are good.' That's my mindset when I'm out there, just find completions and the rest will take care of itself."

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