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Transcript - Saints S Marcus Williams Postgame Quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2020 Week 1

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints Safety Marcus Williams


On that interception. It looks like you jumped, ten-feet in the air. What did you see? How did that break down for you?
"I just saw the ball on air. He (Tom Brady) threw it up on the seam route with Mike Evans. He threw it up. I saw the ball and went to go get it."

How important was the sideline for you guys today in terms of hyping each other up. At one point I think in the third quarter, somebody looked over to the sideline, it was a song playing that we couldn't hear up here. What are you saying to each other?
"We just get hype. You know, we have to bring our own energy today. We don't have fans. You know, we love to have our fans up there but we had to bring our own energy. So that's really what I saw that I was doing and we also had our inactive players up in the stands giving us some due to so we have to bring as much energy where we could today. That's what we did on the sideline."

From your vantage point how good were Marshon (Lattimore) and Janoris Jenkins on the outside today?
"They lock up each and every play, they take one play at a time and being a safety back there, you not have to worry about much, especially when they are locking up each and every play and just having those two guys on the outside lane has given me time to roam back there and do my job. They do their job with no worries because that's just what they do."

What did you see from your perspective on Janoris Jenkins pick-six?
"That's what he does. Yeah, he's eighth all-time in pick sixes now so that's just what he does. He's a ball hog that makes plays, goes and gets the balls in his hands on gets to the end zone."

When you got that interception, you all ran down and took the photo. Was it like with no fans out there doing that?
"We do this all the time, whether it's in practice or it's the game, we all keep that same energy, we're going to keep that same momentum. That's just what we do. We, you know, we created that the takeaway, take a picture on the sideline thing. So, today, we just continue to do it, bring it on, and that just gets everybody hype, but get interception and go down to the end zone and take a picture."

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