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Transcript: Saints running back Alvin Kamara conference call 9/1/21

Kamara talks about the impact of teammates Jameis Winston, Tony Jones Jr., Marquez Callaway, and Erik McCoy.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara

Press conference with local media | Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2021

What has this relocation process like been for you knowing that there's been a tragedy back in New Orleans?

"It's obviously a disaster going on for me to be honest. We're blessed enough to be able to get out and have people coordinate things for us, without us having too much work. Personally, I mean, thankfully, it's just me, none of my family's in New Orleans. So it's been pretty easy for me, but knowing what's going on back there and us not being able to be there to help it's kind of unsettling, but we're doing what we can."

Take us through the process of how Friday and Saturday were just so fluid and whether you would play a game and where you would evacuate too?

"I mean, it was pretty apparent that we wouldn't be playing. Obviously, when it comes to something like that it doesn't make any sense. Really it doesn't prove anything for us to try to sort of combat something that we can't control. Obviously, the (Arizona) Cardinals we're able to turn around in the air and get back home. And then us, that's when our plan started to start to get out of there Saturday. I mean, obviously, we made it happen and now we're kind of just going along and planning as we go. Because it happened pretty abruptly."

What has been your impression of Jameis Winston and what advantage does it bring to have a starter named prior to the opener?

"I have said it before, Jameis has talent. (If) you give him an opportunity I think he will be able to perform. He is getting better every day. He is trying to be the best he can be. He works hard, he works super hard. I do not think anybody talks about that enough. He is committed and we're looking forward (to playing with him). We've got a little time downtime here and we'll get rolling next week."

Is it nice to have football to focus on with everything going on right now?

"I mean, yeah it does. Obviously, we still have a job to do, it's sometimes tough to keep the focus on it when there's so much going on and so many people are affected. But at the end of the day, we got a job to do. It kind of is what it is."

What was it like yesterday during an unusual cut day in Dallas?

"It's a little different. I mean, guys having to travel from New Orleans and obviously not be there in the city you're playing in, but a whole different city. It kind of leaves guys in limbo and it's tough. It could be anybody. I'm never really just sitting around like, yeah I made the team I don't have to do nothing. I mean for the guys trying to make a team, you cancel the preseason game, and then it kind of switches up the eval. Process for a lot of guys that are hoping to make some plays and get out there and try to put their best foot forward, it kind of switches it up for them and then let alone not being in New Orleans, but being in Dallas and then having to coordinate getting to wherever you're trying to get to, clearing waivers. I mean there's so much going on, somebody's moving parts, so I couldn't even imagine."

What is the overall morale of the team right now?

"Yeah, I think everybody (is) good. I mean it is what it is, it comes with the job obviously, nothing stops really. I mean there's no time, nothing stops, nobody cares honestly. Nobody cares about our situation, we just got to keep moving and find ways to combat it and stay focused."

What does Marquez Callaway offer from a personality standpoint, he seems to be guy that's full of life?

"Yeah, I mean, I've been knowing Quez (Marquez Callaway) since he was a freshman at Tennessee, so I know (what) he has to offer. He's got a good personality, a good teammate, great player. He got some juice to him and he's likable, the guys want to be around him and then him having to step up in the receiver room and be a leader. I think it's great. Dudes love him, I love him, he's my guy. I'm looking forward to seeing him make some plays during the season."

How excited are you for Tony Jones Jr.  making the initial 53 man roster?

"I mean I think everybody sees it, he's worked hard. That's a jump that a lot of players sometimes fail to make from year one to year two. Tony (Jones Jr.) did a good job of understanding what he had to get better at and you know, going in the offseason working and then applying it to when he got to camp. I mean he's worked man and I'm proud of him and I'm excited to see him play too and happy for him making the roster."

What do you think of Erik McCoy as a player and just his football intelligence and all that stuff?

"He's smart. Anytime you have a young player in a center that's a big role to take on. I think there's a lot to learn and not just physically, but mentally when you kind of put a young guy right there. He's embraced it. He's done a lot of maturing and I think even from year one to now. I think he's ready for everything. He takes everything and runs with it. If he doesn't know something or if he messes something up it's a one-time thing. I mean, he kind of hold it down. I think he's a great player. He's athletic, and he just does things and you watch him like, man, you don't see a young player, you see a dude that just knows what to do and does his job."

Do you anticipate anything changing for you with Jameis Winston's arm strength and his ability to stretch the field?

"It's definitely a weapon and it's definitely something that we'll be able to utilize and open teams up, open defenses up. Whatever opportunity that brings to the me, I'm ready to seize and take advantage of it, excited for that."

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