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Transcript: Saints Players Postgame Quotes | Saints-Rams 2019 Week 2 

New Orleans Saints players speak to media following Week 2 at Rams

Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater – Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – September 15, 2019

(Opening Remarks)
"That was a tough one to lose. We'll have to get back to work and get the opportunity to watch the tape, see what we did wrong and try to move forward. Obviously, we have to do better and be more disciplined. We had too many penalties today. We have to do better on third downs and just keep drives alive. The rest will take care of itself. Today was one of those days where we had to fight through adversity and this team was really tested. The beauty of this league is we get another opportunity next week. This coaching staff will push us and this locker room will continue to push each other and hold each other accountable moving forward."

(On if there was anything QB Drew Brees or anyone said to him before he went into the huddle)
"(QB) Drew (Brees) always tells me just take completions. Completions are good. When you're going into a game in situations like that, you're just trying to get into rhythm, just play fast and not think too much."

(On if he worked with the first team offense at all this past week)
"I work with them on Wednesdays. So I had the opportunity to go over some of the base gameplan on Wednesday and get some work with those guys."

(On if it was tough to get into a rhythm today)
"Not really. The toughest part about it is just the negative plays. Every time something good might have happened, we had a penalty. So we kind of shot ourselves in the foot and we stalled drives, but it wasn't too hard to get into a rhythm today."

(On if he expects to start next week)
"I don't really know. I think (Head) Coach (Sean Payton) may have given you guys an update and I'm pretty sure the training staff and everyone will talk and come up with a plan moving forward."

(On how prepared he is if he needs to start a number of games)
"You know, it was just great to get the opportunity to go back out there and play football again. It sucks that it had to happen the way that it did. I appreciate every opportunity I get to play this game. Everyone in that locker room, we cherish the game and don't take it for granted. So I'm just grateful for the opportunity that I had today."

(On how close he feels to being in the comfort zone with this offense)
"Oh we're very close. I think you just look at the tape, see what we did well, see what we didn't do well and move forward. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we try to major in doing the things that we're good at. Hopefully we can just continue to do that."

(On how he feels right now in his second year in the offense)
"I'm feeling pretty good. I have a year under my belt and I'm excited."

(On if he had any nerves)
"Not at all. You get the opportunity to sit back and get the feel for the rhythm of the game, the flow of the game. When you're sitting back and watching, you get to pick up on some of the tendencies that they're displaying. If you get the opportunity to go in, you have some insight on what to expect moving forward."

(On what adjustments did they make at halftime)
"Well, we were still in the game. We know that we can't leave these games in other people's hands. We have to take care of our business inside the white lines. Today, we didn't do that in all three phases of the game. We just have to come back next week and fix it."

(On what the Rams did differently against the run today)
"Honestly, I think they were just more physical. We knew that it was going to be a physical battle and we knew that the most physical team would walk away with a win. It showed on the stat sheet and it showed on the scoreboard."

Saints T Terron Armstead – Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – September 15, 2019

(On what was going through his mind when QB Drew Brees left the game)
"I honestly didn't know until I got to the sideline and (QB) Teddy (Bridgewater) went to take snaps from (C) Erik (McCoy). I just went to check on (QB) Drew (Brees), but next guy up to try and go out there to win the game."

(On what changes amongst the offensive line when Brees leaves the game and Bridgewater comes in)
"I mean of course a lot changes, the Saints offense is Drew Brees for sure. He's been doing this for a long time. So, of course a lot changes, terminology, tempo, but Teddy was good. He was comfortable, confident in the offense and in himself. We were able to move the ball but then we'd move forward or a penalty or negative play would take us back and that was kind of the story of the entire game."

(On how he handles the fumble call that was picked up and returned for a touchdown but initially ruled an incomplete pass)
"It's tough. It's a tough one. Huge momentum swing, lot of energy that was awarded to us and kind of sucked out and you have to try to go make a long drive. It's tough for sure but we can't hang out hat on any one play. It's a long game and we had opportunities. We just came up short.

Saints LB Demario Davis– Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – September 15, 2019

(On what he saw on the sack-fumble play the Saints made on defense)
"We're just taught when we see a live ball, we go for it and we score. Those are just the habits we train and so it was a live ball, he scooped it up, we scored, that's all I know. The next thing I know the offense was on the field."

(On how demoralizing that call might have been)
"I mean that's part of the game. Of course, a scoop and a score for a touchdown changes the momentum of the game, so that's a big play but for whatever reason, the offense was on the field so you just take it in stride and next play."

(On an officiating miscue affecting them for the third game in a row)
"That's above my head. I can't call or do anything about that so I just control what I can control. I think that's all you can do at this point."

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