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Transcript: Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael conference call - December 6, 2019

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael speaks to media prior to a Week 14 matchup against San Francisco

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Conference Call with Local Media
Sunday, September 6, 2019

Is the offensive execution where you want it to be or do you feel there is room for improvement?
"Well, I think we are always looking for more. I think we have done some good things and then there are some areas that we are still working to improve throughout the year. We have not turned the ball over (much) and that's our number one priority. We've improved on third down. I think the one area that continued that we have to get better at is the red zone, coming away with seven instead of three. I think that's really an area and we've had some games where penalties have slowed us down a little bit. Those are areas of focus."

Is there a reason the snap counts have been so low this year?
"Yeah, I think part of that may be some of the games where we haven't been as efficient maybe on first and second down. We put ourselves in some longer yardage situations on third down, whether, getting behind the chains a little bit. There's been some games, like you're saying, but obviously, we keep looking to get those things corrected."

Why do you think this Saints offense isn't as high-powered as in years past?
"I think every week Coach Payton talks to the team about the keys to this game, the ultimate goal is to come out and win the game. That's the number one goal. We're sitting here at 10-2, there's no complaints with that. We've haven't had as many explosive or big plays like you're asking. There's probably a lot of reasons for that, but then we have to take advantage when those opportunities are there."

In essence you guys are where you want to be, but are still trying to improve each and every week right?
"Right and I bet you if you ask Drew (Brees) or Sean (Payton) that's the first thing they would say. We're always looking for improvements. We feel like we can be better and we've come out of a few games where we felt like, ah, we should have scored 14 more (points) or something. Yeah, those things are always being discussed."

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