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Transcript: Saints Conference Call with running back Latavius Murray - March 14, 2019

New Orleans Saints Running Back Latavius Murray
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, March 14, 2019

How did this deal come together for you?
"Well you go into free agency really not knowing what's going to happen. Maybe you start to learn which teams have interest, for me there was a little bit of interest spread around and then things really started to heat up as the timeframe got closer to where negotiations and what not can begin. To be honest, I think this year was maybe an example of not knowing exactly (what) team you possibly may end up coming into the picture and really making a push."

What was it about the Saints that stood out to you?
"I think we could sit here all day (and talk about reasons). I think if you just look at the success that they've had over the years. The offense and how explosive they are and the different things that Coach (Sean) Payton does and their defense who I've had to play against three times in the past two years. Them being just right there in the fight again in the past few years. It's kind of a no brainer now having the opportunity to be in a place that has a great locker room and the opportunity to go out there and compete for a championship."

Did you receive a chance to talk to Josh Robinson, a teammate at Central Florida or Teddy Bridgewater, a teammate with the Vikings in 2017, about the Saints?
"I haven't talked to Josh. I've talked with Teddy. Teddy told me nothing but great things initially, even before free agency with me still being in Minnesota and not even having any idea that I would end up here, but Teddy told me great things at that point just because we were together in Minnesota and we're friends. He had nothing but great things to say, but I reached out once again when things kind of heated up, obviously just to reaffirm and heard nothing but great things. Josh loved it when we spoke in pregame last year when New Orleans came to play Minnesota."

Do you know Alvin Kamara at all?
"I just spoke to him. After the games we played (as well) we've played three times when I was in Minnesota in the past two years. Just exchanging words after, (I have) a lot of respect for him and his game. (Alvin's) one of the best backs in the league. I'm excited just to be able to work with him every day and learn from him and if there's anything that I can give, knowledge or whatever I'm definitely here for that as well too."

How well do you think you think you two could play off each other?
"I think the sky's the limit. I'm very confident in what I'm able to do on the field and I think he's proven that as well in the past few years, in a short amount of time. I think the sky's the limit, but at this point it's nothing but talk for anybody that's in this situation right now. There's a long time before we can get on the field and prove it."

How tough is it to replace Mark Ingram since he was here for eight years?
"I think it's a tough situation when you look at Mark being drafted here and being here for so long and obviously him doing some great things here for the city, for this organization, but I think you really can't look at that as anything personal. We actually briefly spoke, I sent him a message, congratulating him on his new deal and told him I'm going to need some pointers for maneuvering around the city here and anyway he can help me. This is business and Mark and I we're friends before this and that won't change anything and my approach coming to this new team is me being the best that I can be for this team and for this organization and doing all I can do so we're able to go out there and be successful and win."

What was the experience like for you and Dalvin Cook trying to replace Adrian Peterson?
"I wouldn't say there are similarities. I think no matter where you go there's turnover in the league every year and I think when you try and say you're replacing somebody or you're supposed to do this or you're supposed to do that, I think you can make things maybe harder on yourself or the expectations of what I have nothing to do with who was here before me or maybe what they did. My expectations on whichever team I'm playing for in here now is to go out there and be the best that I can be and bring what I can bring to the team so we can go out there and win and I try not to think about the personnel things or get caught up in that because those are things that I can't control."

What did Mark Ingram say to you?
"He congratulated me and told me he'll tell me whatever it is I want to know about the city and about the team and he reiterated how much he loved this locker room and I'm very lucky to be around a great group of guys."

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