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Transcript: Saints Conference Call with defensive tackle Malcom Brown - March 15, 2019

Malcom Brown speaks with New Orleans media

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Malcom Brown - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Friday, March 15, 2019

What was your reason for joining the Saints?
"First off, I saw what they're defense could do and I'm just trying to come in and contribute wherever I can. I think they can help me get to the next level of my game and should be more in tune with the game and give me more opportunities out on the field."

How tough was it walking away from a Super Bowl team?
"It was definitely tough. We don't have a bad team now (here). They made it to the NFC championship last year. That's one step away from the big game too. It's not like any other team can't make it to the Super Bowl. That's how I look at it and its great getting all the wins and everything. I wanted to try to contribute somewhere else too and help the Saints win the Super Bowl too."

During the draft process did you have any contact with the Saints or previous relationships to Saints players?
"Not really, (The time I met with them) I think that was a ways back. I do not really remember the process. I think I met them at the combine, but as far as people I knew with the Saints, Alex Okafor was there last year and the year before and Kenny Vaccaro who was drafted there. I knew some guys that were there and they said they loved it there and the atmosphere was great."

Did you get a chance to talk to Alex Okafor much before you made your decision?
"Not really, I really just sat down and talked to my family and everything and I know AO (Alex Okafor) had his own thing going on with free agency too. I didn't want to bother anybody or bring unwanted burdens on nobody. I just kind of sat down and just talk about everything and what I felt like was good for me and I feel like this defense (was) for me and (is) the scheme I want to play in and (I) kind of went from there."

How do you feel like you'd be fit into what the Saints do? How would you describe yourself as a player?
"I'm a one gap defensive (tackle), that's what I played in college. I get up in the gap and I want to get up and be disruptive in the backfield. Create tackles for loss and make it a hard count for the offense to do things and pass the ball, run the ball and just try to be as disruptive as I can."

How valuable is the Super Bowl experience that you have on your resume?
"I can just tell you that experience does not mean anything at that point. It is just another game. You just have to prepare yourself to play well and go out there with the right mindset. Nothing's given to you because you have experience in those games. Even with the Super Bowl. That whole week gets you thrown off real quick or you just have to stay focused on everything and have the goal in mind to win the Super Bowl. Just stay focused, I wouldn't say experience has anything to do with it."

How much did you look at what the Saints did defensively and what specifically makes you fit well?
"It's the one gap defense that I played in at college and it's something I like being in. The guys on the d-line are disruptive and always in the backfield. They rush the passer and stop the run great. They were always high energy, celebrating and everything. It just looked fun to be out there on the field with those guys. I wanted to join them and the coach in New Orleans and be around some great guys."

Have you talked to any of your new teammates?
"Not really, everything just really happened. We reached a deal yesterday. They fly me out there Monday and (we'll) get the physical done and everything and get going. I am excited to see some guys in the building and introduce myself and get to know some of the coaches and the DC (Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen)."

What was your first experience in free agency like?
"It's was just the anticipation and really you don't know (where you will end up). I've got a family, wife and four kids. I was just trying to figure out where we will be at next year. I wouldn't say it was stressful, but it was just sitting here like, where will I be at and I don't know where I'll be. Just through the whole process you do not know where you'll be at. Where your family will be, where your kids are going to school, where your family is going to reside and stuff like that."

What was the Saints defensive coaching staff's message to you?
"Come in and contribute wherever I can. Just giving me opportunities to go out there and play on third down and rush the passer more. Basically just going in the rotation and seeing whatever I can do and how I can contribute in the early processes of the season, training camp, OTAs and go from there."

How were you used by the Patriots?
"It changed up a lot. I started off as more of a three technique for the defense, then (they) slowly started moving me down inside to nose (tackle) in the two gap defense. Mainly holding up blocks the whole time and that's how they used me on first and early downs to stop the run."

Would you say stopping the run is a strength of your game?
"Oh definitely, I like to play the run. It's whenever someone tries to challenge you head on and get the best of you, but I like to take that challenge on head on and go inside and be disruptive and try to give them stops, but I can rush the passer too and I'd like as many opportunities, but I can rush the passer and I have some technique and stuff I can use to rush the passer and I'll have to use that as well."

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