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Transcript: Saints Conference Call with cornerback/punt returner Marcus Sherels  - March 25, 2019

Marcus Sherels speaks with New Orleans media

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marcus Sherels - Conference Call with New Orleans Media - Monday, March 25, 2019

What made you want to join the Saints?
"It's a great organization and they kind of showed some interest. So I'm just looking forward to the chance and I'm very excited."

You are from Minnesota, you went to college in Minnesota and played with the Vikings for nine years. How different is this going to be joining a new team away from there?
"It'll be a lot different. Everyone keeps telling me the food is going to be a lot different and that I need to adjust to that, but I think I'll be all right. I'm just excited for this new opportunity and I'll be ready to go."

What did it mean to you to see Thomas Morstead share what he did on Twitter after the news broke you were signing down here?
"Thomas is a great guy, as you probably all know. Unfortunately, he broke his ribs tackling me, but some good came out of it. We developed a friendship and he donated a lot of money to Minnesota. I'm looking forward to playing with him and I'm happy we're on the same team now."

How much do you know some of the other special teams players? I don't know if any of them stand out on film when you watched the Saints.
"They've always had a really good group. I remember playing them. They're always tough, they've got a lot of speed. I'm just happy to be joining them and hopefully can contribute however they need me."

Have you had any conversations about what your role is going to be? Are they looking to you mainly for return duties? Did they talk to you about playing corner at all?
"I'm not sure. Wherever they need me, I'm ready to come in and compete. Like I said, wherever they need me, I'll be ready."

How do you explain the success that you've had as a punt returner with the five touchdowns you've taken back in your career?
"I have a lot of experience back there. I'm lucky to have five touchdowns, but a lot goes into it. I've had a lot of good blockers in my career, so that definitely helped."

Why do you think you've been able to last as long as you have as an undrafted guy in the league?
"I just take the same approach each and every day and just try to get better. Try not to make the same mistakes over and over again, try to learn, try to learn every day, and try to improve and work on my craft."

There's two other former Vikings that have signed with the Saints this offseason in Nick Easton and Latavius Murray. How much does it help to have some of those familiar faces also joining the Saints?
"It will be cool to have a few familiar guys. Nick (Easton), Latavius (Murray),Teddy (Bridgewater) is out here. I know Zach Line, so it will be fun to kind of reunite with those guys and have some comfortable faces that I've known."

Did you talk with any of them before deciding to come to the Saints?
"No, I did not."

How much interest did you have from other teams before you tried to come here?
"There were a few teams out there who were interested, but I'm excited the Saints showed interest and I'm excited to be here."

What made the Saints your preferred landing spot with other teams in the mix? What stood out to you as far as helping you make the decision that you essentially made?
"I've heard a lot of good things. Obviously, they're a great team, really good organization and they had a need at punt returner, so I'm ready to come in and compete and try to win the job."

Going back to just spending so much time in Minnesota, is it kind of weird for you looking for a place to live in somewhere that's unfamiliar to you having been there your whole life?
"It'll definitely be a different adjustment. I have never lived anywhere else, but Minnesota. I was talking earlier that it was about 40 degrees up there last week and that was hot to us. Now I'm feeling this 80 degrees and it's pretty different, but I'm excited about it. I'm excited to learn and see new things."

You mentioned the different food. Have you been exposed to any of the types of foods that you can get New Orleans. Is there anything that you like?
"Not quite yet, but I'm anxious to try it."

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