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Transcript - Saints CB Janoris Jenkins Postgame Quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2020 Week 1

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints cornerback Janoris Jenkins


That pick six, I guess what did you see? How did you see that unfolding, that you could just, grab right onto that and score there in the second quarter?
"Well, we knew they hadn't ran it all game. And as we were watching film earlier during the week, we noticed that they like to run it. And me and Latt (Marshon Lattimore) was on the sideline talking to each other, telling each other what was going to come out in the second half. And in the second half of the first drive, that's what they did, ran double out."

Is it any extra special getting a pick six against (Tom) Brady, just considering all he's done, is that maybe your first against him?
"That's my first pick six, but that's not my first interception. It's an honor. It was just, I (had) seen the play and I made it. "

The first double out, was that a Tampa or a Patriots play, that you guys have noticed?
"That was a Tampa play. Something Tampa ran a lot last year, speed outs. We just knew that they were going (to) add (that) in the second half. And that's what they did coming out on the first drive. And I just read it and broke on it."

So you guys knew that that was coming, had been waiting all game for it. And then when it didn't come, you talked and said this is coming soon. So that was all about anticipation, right?
"Anticipation, communication, knowing what came early in the game, and what is coming late in the game. You got to know that when playing defensive back. And me and Latt (Marshon Lattimore), we're very experienced. We talked about it and communicated it on the sideline. And it came."

Just the adjustments you guys made after that first drive it seems like things got a lot better after you settled in. Can you talk about that process and how you got settled in a little bit?
"We just settled in. Everybody came together, understanding that was our first game, everybody (stayed) together. (I) Told them though, keep your head up, keep playing, (it's) just the first drive, just come out, stay composed, in the moment. And we did. We ran fast, played hard and got the victory."

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