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Transcript: Safety Vonn Bell weekly conference call - September 30, 2019

Safety Vonn Bell speaks to media prior to Week 5

New Orleans Saints Safety Vonn Bell
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, September 30, 2019

From a communication standpoint, was last night defensively as well as you guys have played this year?
"For sure. We've been playing great since that Rams game. We just wanted to put all four quarters together because we've been playing good halves and good quarters here and there, but we just wanted to put a game together. That's what we did. We put a complete game together and that's what we did last night."

Was there anything different preparation wise? I know you guys felt like this was the kind of defense you would be coming into the season. Was there anything different preparation wise to get you there last night in this game?
"No. It was simple. Coach gave us a mission. He told it was a swarm 21 (Ezekiel Elliot), affect number four (Dak Prescott) with disguises in coverage, and no explosives. That is what we did. We played the part. We went out there and executed the game plan, just had fun, flew around, and made plays."

How satisfying was it for you guys to be the defense you expect to be?
"Very satisfying. We have been wanting this challenge, to put it on us. And that is what we did. We stepped up to the challenge, we hit a home run, and hats off to these guys. We've (got a great) group and I'm glad to be a part of it. Glad to be a part a little change in mindset of this defense. We want to be the reason why we win games and that's what we did last night."

Was it important for you to have the veteran guy like Kurt Coleman around last year to kind of help you along your development?
"For sure. Him and Roman Harper (in 2016). Those guys made a real impact in my life. They were like father figures, (older) brother figures. They (showed me the ins and outs) of the game. The game slowed down for me and just made me get to another part of the game where I am right now, keep on churning up and lead these guys on the back end. I appreciate them for really just sitting me down and teaching me the game."

How much more comfortable do you feel now maybe than you did at the beginning of last year?
"Oh, very (comfortable). (I'm at a place where) I've never been before. The game just comes to me, it slows down. I'm really out there just playing football and just reacting. You just see the plays and the formations, you know what's coming and you're just reacting to what they do and just playing fast and anticipating plays that are happening. Talking to all the DBs and letting the guys know what plays are coming, that's really huge. Just going through the film study and (looking for) tendencies and formation recognition and situational recognition, that's what really helps me. Just going through each game, I'm happy with where I'm at right now and now I've got to keep on going."

On the second fumble recovery in the game, what did you see in there? Obviously, the camera couldn't get in there with a little tight quarters, but when did you see in there?
"I just knew it was an opportunity at the ball. I knew I got loose with it earlier when I was tackling him (Ezekiel Elliot) so I was trying to go for the ball. My mindset, our mindset is just hustle to the ball always. I just got out of the block and I saw the ball was kind of loose and I just ripped it out and recovered it. I knew it was out. I was just making a play on the ball and trying to set up momentum and just send the offense out there for a scoring drive. That's what we do."

How much do you think it meant for Marshon (Lattimore) to have the performance he did last night against Amari Cooper in a high-profile Sunday Night matchup? Probably his most effective of the season I would think
"It means the world. We know what kind of talent we have in that corner. That's our guy. We have full confidence in him to go out there and play man or any type of defense against any type of top receiver in this league. We know that he will step up to the occasion. Just going out there, he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. We know that he's one of the top corners and he knows that he is and we went out there and showed it on Sunday night in a high profile setting. Hats off to him. He went through the week of preparation and that's where he's really in the back of his head. He just takes it one play at time, one situation at a time, and he'll go out there and execute it. Hats off to him. He's going to continue to get better, keep on stacking these performances together, and play his brand of football."

We asked you about this before the Seattle game, but are you taking confidence in playing such a big part in having the team where it's at right now without Drew Brees on the field?
"For sure. What an opportunity. What a challenge for this defense. Like I said, we want to set this team up in position to win games. We want to take ownership and kind of put it on us, put it on our shoulders. That's what we did. As I said, we have a resilient group. Hats off to the guys on the defense. We all play together. It's a team gang, and that's what it is first and foremost. That's what we always preach upon is team and how do we help this team win games. That's what we did and we accepted the challenge."

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