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Transcript: Safety Marcus Williams conference call - November 18, 2019

Safety Marcus Williams speaks to media prior to a Week 12 matchup vs. Carolina

New Orleans Saints Safety Marcus Williams
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 18, 2019

We hear about athletes talking about being in the zone a lot of times. What kind of groove are you in right now?
"I just feel like I am in the same groove I've always been in. (I'm) just doing my job for the team. Whatever I can do to help our team out. That's just what I pride myself on, just doing what I can to help my team."

When you're in those situations to make big plays on defense, how much of it is film study? How much of it is anticipation? How much is instinct? What's the combination of them?
"Preparation is the key really, just being able to know what's going to come and anticipation comes from that as well. If you know what's going to come, you anticipate the plays and those plays will become easier for you. The scheme that we're in also helps with that."

Your pick six yesterday was the first of your NFL career, what did that feel like to finally score a touchdown?
"It felt great. Just being able to have the opportunity to get in the end zone for once (was very special). I never had a pick six in college and to finally get one in the NFL is a dream come true."

When you say preparation, did you know what was coming yesterday on that interception return for a touchdown?
"They've been doing that on film so I saw what was going to happen. (We) talked about it in the back end and just dissected the play. I just went and did my assignment and if you do your assignment, the play will come your way. That's what happened yesterday."

You were also in on the Demario (Davis) interception. You made the tackle on that one that prevented O.J. Howard from solidly catching the ball. Did you see that ball loose?
"I did. As soon as he came back out to the flat, I just tried to make a play on the tackle and Demario made a great play picking it off. We always do our takeaway drills and it paid off yesterday."

How big was P.J. (Williams) for you guys yesterday?
"P.J. is big for us every game. It's not just yesterday. He does his job and comes to play. He competes and he's a big asset for our team."

The Buccaneers yesterday were saying that he was getting help over the top. When you're going up against a receiver the caliber of Mike Evans, just how big of a focal point is he in the week leading up to that game?
"I think everybody just does their job. They can say what they want, but as long as we do our job and take away who we need to take care of, whether it's the running backs, receivers, tight ends, whoever it is, we will come out victorious. I do not know. I think everybody just did their job. P.J. (Williams) did a great job locking up. Vonn (Bell) did a great job, Eli (Apple), P-Rob (Patrick Robinson) and deuces (C.J. Gardner-Johnson), all of us are the backend. We just all worked together and that helps us build on that and continue to make plays on the ball and the offenses that we face."

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