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Transcript - Ryan Ramczyk Conference Call 12/7/20 | Week 13 recap

New Orleans Saints offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk discusses the Saints' offensive performance against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 6, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, December 7, 2020

With back to back 200-yard rushing games, what has been the key to your offense being able to do that two weeks in a row?
"I think the run game has been the emphasis for the last couple of weeks. Atlanta has a good defense up front for the running game. We handled the pressure and that went well. Coach (Payton) emphasized for us to keep running the ball. I think we ended up doing a very good job."

With that kind of success on the ground, do you get a sense of it later in the game of maybe a frustration from the opposing defense and while not breaking them, but the weight of it taking measure of a team?
"Yes, when you can run the ball at will and keep running the ball, it definitely weighs on a defense. We know that if we're able to do that, we can have a lot of success with that."

When Taysom Hill breaks off a long run like he did in the first half yesterday, does that affect at all how you pass protect or change the mentality at all?
"I don't think it changes our mentality too much. We know who we have back there and that he can break off runs and pick them up on account of himself, but as far as us, we're blocking our tails off and doing everything we can. I was excited to see him take off and get that chunk of yardage."

What was the locker room attitude in clinching a playoff spot, was it more temporary joy/celebration or more a step along the road to bigger and better?
"I think it's obviously, you don't want to take the playoffs lightly. But I think this program and what we've been doing here and what our goals are, we're looking for more than just clinching a playoff spot. We want that number one seed. We still want a lot more. That's kind of our mindset."

We have talked to a lot of guys on the offensive line, regarding the injuries and some of the shuffling on the unit, but when you go back and look at the film at how everybody played, but does it surprise you at how cohesive you guys are despite the fact that you have to plug in pieces now and then?
"We have guys that can go play on Sunday and do a really good job. I think we all mesh well. I think we all communicate really well up front. Like you've said we've had to do some shuffling, but overall everyone is on the same page and everyone meshes really well together and plays really well together."

As far as Taysom Hill is in the huddle and his command of the offense, do you notice his confidence increasing as the weeks go on?
"Yes, I think so. When he first got in there, I think he did a good job, but I think you can see with a couple of more weeks to prepare and getting into the flow of things I think he's maybe getting a little more comfortable and fluid and taking command of the huddle a little better. I think he's confident in what he does and (he's) a good leader. He's done a really good job."