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Transcript - Ryan Ramczyk Conference Call 12/28/20 | Week 17 vs. Panthers

New Orleans Saints offensive lineman elaborates on team chemistry prior to the Saints regular season finale against the Carolina Panthers on January 3, 2021.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, December 28, 2020

I'm just curious how much fun you guys had watching the tape from that game. It seemed like up front, maybe one of the best games you played all season?
"Yeah. It was a fun game for us. Really got after it in the running game, obviously. Coming up to the sideline, big smile. So it was fun game and yeah, I think every one of us enjoyed it. And we were all clicking together. So it was a great win for us."

When you're able to do that despite being down, I mean, you guys have played a lot this season without guys in the lineup. But when you're able to do that without Andrus (Peat) and Nick Easton out there, you missed a play and (Ethan) Greenidge comes in and throws a key block. And what does that say about you as a unit?
"Yeah, I think we have really good depth, obviously, at the offensive line position and we have guys that can step in and not only just play, but play at a high level. We hold our guys accountable to be able to go in and step in and play like that. So I think we have a great thing going here on the offensive line, and we all mesh together really well, play together really well. It's kind of a kind of special thing."

What's the feel among the offensive line when you're having the kind of games that you had on Friday? This is three 200 yard rushing games out of the last five. Is there a feeling of dominance as you go along? This is just you kind of imposing your will?
"Yeah, it's definitely kind of a mentality of imposing your will. Obviously we take a lot of pride in the run game and, obviously, protecting Drew (Brees) but like, we take a lot of pride in the run game and getting after it and that was a big key going into this week is running the ball and physicality and obviously, I think we did a good job with that."

With Terron (Armstead), it's not often offensive linemen get a ton of praise on social media for what they do. But he had a couple blocks where he was pushing guys all the way out of bounds and then all the way into the end zone. I mean, what comes to mind when you when you see something like that? I mean, he may have been on the ground only once on Friday too.
"Yeah, I saw a couple of his blocks. I saw a couple of them in the game after I watched the big screen and watched the replay. It's pretty awesome to see stuff like that. And he got after a couple guys and just ran him into the concession stand. It's cool to see that stuff and, like I said, we were having a lot of fun out there. And yeah, I mean, it's awesome to play in a game like that and play the way we did and have fun like we did."

As you guys had into this final game, what are the goals? What are you looking to accomplish this Sunday when you take on Carolina?
"Really, I think we just have to keep playing our game. We're going to go into this and prepare like we prepare every week. I think Drew (Brees) said this a couple weeks ago that, from now on, every game is a playoff game and we need to treat it like that. The stakes are high right now, but like I said, we have to go and prepare like we prepare every week. Yeah."

Just considering how much you have had to shuffle along that offensive line this year, how big a role of have (Dan) Roushar and (Brendan) Nugent played in keeping you all cohesive and playing well together?
"Yeah, they've done a great job this year. I think they've done a great job ever since I got here in preparing us and getting us ready and making sure that we're on top of our assignments and ready to play. But yeah, I think that they do a great job, not only preparing the starting five, but preparing our jumbo guys, our depth as well. So they do a great job week in and week out of making sure that everything's accounted for and we're locked and loaded going into the game."

I'm assuming you were watching the game last night. I'm just curious, when's the last time you played in conditions like that? Like they were playing in Green Bay last night? I know you grew up there, obviously.
"Yeah, I haven't played in a game like that in a while. I think we played Minnesota my last year at Wisconsin, and it was a cold game, but I don't think I played in like a real snowy game like that, but it's cool being from Wisconsin. The snow, the cold, that is kind of a little bit more of what I grew up with. So it's excited seeing that kind of environment, that kind of game. I would enjoy it. I don't know about a lot other guys, but that's just me."

We've talked about how valuable Nick Easton has been as a free agent signing, but James Hurst, he played a couple games at tackle and then Friday played at left guard. Just how important has he been for the offensive line this season?
"He's been (playing) a vital role with our offense. He got some jumbo early on then he's coming in and backing up different positions. But he's a he's a smart, tough player. Really well rounded player and has obviously done a really good job with what they're asking him to do. So he's done a great job."

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