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Transcript - Ryan Ramczyk Conference Call 11/16/20 | Week 10 vs. 49ers

New Orleans Saints tackle Ryan Ramczyk talks about the offensive adjustments made during the Saints victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 16, 2020

How did you think the offense flowed after Jameis (Winston) came in to start the second half last night? It's not always easy I imagine just kind of making the switch mid game like that?
"Yeah, you know, it's a little different, obviously, with Jameis (Winston) in there. But, you know, I think overall, we did a good job. You know, like I said, obviously, there's a few quirks in there. And, you know, maybe doesn't flow quite as well as Drew (Brees). Because, you know, obviously, Drew's (Brees) been doing it so long. And that's what we're used to. But, I think Jameis (Winston) did a good job stepping up and, you know, playing well. And I think offensive line, obviously, some corrections we need to make, but I think we did alright, overall."

You have obviously played with Drew Brees now since 2017. Did you see his body language? Did you see him on the sidelines? I mean, obviously, he's a tough competitor, when he can't go, is that kind of an indication of something is definitely not right? Just maybe, I know you were focused on the game, but also seeing him and maybe what your thoughts were knowing he was hurt?
"Honestly, I had no idea he was hurt. He did not show it. He didn't show it in the huddle. I didn't see him on the sideline, really. I truthfully didn't even know he was hurt. He's a fierce competitor and he'll do anything he can to be on that field. So, I didn't notice it."

Whether or not Jameis (Winston) plays, I guess this is a valid question. But what in your experiences with him, what has stood out to you and given you confidence in him? Just from his makeup, I guess and his traits?
"Yeah, I think obviously, we've taken snaps with him in camp and then a little bit throughout the week, when he gets in for a little bit. But, I think he's, he's a good leader, he's got good command of the huddle. He's an outgoing player. And I think he has that leadership mentality within him. So if he does get the call, I think he's going to do a great job with it."

I know on the offensive line, you guys have had guys go down due to injury and, the receivers, that group's been kind of up in the air at times because of injuries. Just how has this team been able to, or do you think those instances maybe help the team kind of hone in and just like alright, Jameis is in we can play now?
"When we heard Jameis (Winston) was going in yesterday, it was kind like, alright, no one even thought about it. Like, that is just what we have got to do. This is the NFL, people get hurt all the time. And it is something you have to play through. So, injuries are something that happens and you know, it's the next man up, and you have to be able to do your job. It's what we do every week, guys are prepping like they're playing. So, I think multiple guys stepped up and are able to fill in different roles and do a sufficient job."

Considering the role that Drew (Brees) plays in calling out protections and stuff. What changes for you if he's not in the game? Is it still the quarterback taking a big part in that? Or does somebody else kind of take the lead on that?
"Yeah, Drew (Brees) obviously does an incredible job of IDing stuff and seeing stuff that maybe we would miss. So, I think Jameis is obviously perfectly capable of that. But, this week going in, playing Atlanta, you know, we'll see what the changes will be or if there will be any changes. But, we've got some smart guys up front. So whatever it is we'll be able to handle it and figure it out."

Last year, obviously Teddy (Bridgewater) came in and Taysom (Hill) was here when Drew Brees had a thumb injury. I don't think we know which direction Sean (Payton) will go. He went with Jameis (Winston) yesterday. Does it drastically change what you all do when Jameis would be in for Drew, as if Taysom is in with the RPO type stuff as far as a preparation game plan standpoint?
"No, I wouldn't say it drastically changes us. Obviously, Taysom's (Hill) got a few different, like you said, RPO. A little bit different game plan with Taysom in. And that's what we've been going with so far with Drew (Brees) playing. So whoever gets the call, it's not really going to change us all that much. (they) might have a few changes to the offense here and there. But overall, I don't think it's going to change that much."

It seemed like you stuck with the running game obviously, with Drew (Brees) getting out, kind of changes things a little bit. But you stuck with the running game after it didn't really have a ton of success early in the game. What's been working so well with that lately? And how important is that to what you are going to be doing as the season moves forward?
"Yeah, we struggled early on with the run game. Eventually, (we) kind of got some good runs going there. But that is something obviously, we take pride in, getting the run game going. So that's something we'll clean up, watch the film and make corrections there. But I thought San Fran did a really good job. They played hard, physical defense. But, like I said, we'll make corrections and come back. And we got Atlanta this week, so, that's what we're looking to."

It seems like you have also, like, kind of cut down on some of the penalties, whether it's pre-snap stuff, holding, stuff like that. Have you noticed, like, an improvement there as the year's gone on?
"Yeah. Not too focused on it. But you know, I think we've done a good job, running our feet and not letting our hands get outside and getting those holding calls and some of the pre-snap penalties. Those are drive killers. So, I think we've done a good job of keeping those at a minimum. Like you said, (we have) kind of gotten a little bit better with that."

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