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Transcript - Ryan Ramczyk Conference Call 1/13/21 | NFC Divisional round 2020

New Orleans Saints offensive lineman talks about the Tampa Bay defensive line on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

How did you after watching film field that Cesar (Ruiz) did last week?
"I think he did well. He played a solid game. Obviously, there's corrections just like there's corrections with all of us. As a whole, I think he did a good job."

You have used five, six different combinations this season? How do you keep the continuity of your play, despite plugging in playing a lot of different guys?
"Well, I think our O-line group as a whole, our whole room, we have a bunch of talented guys in there, guys that can start. I think our chemistry in the room was really good. It was kind of the next man up mentality for everyone that one guy goes down, we have faith and confidence in the guy coming in. So I think we've got a group of really talented players, and we mesh really well together. I think that shows up when we go out there and play."

What's the challenge just when you get so familiar with the guys you're blocking and you're playing them now a third time? Does anything have to change? Or do you just expect them to be who they are? Like, how do you how do you approach that?
"Yeah, I think there can be certain tendencies that I might do or he might do that you kind of get accustomed to. So you never want to keep everything the same that you do, I guess. Throwing little change-ups here and there I think is good, especially, like you said, when you're playing someone multiple times a year."

What would be an example of like a changeup you could do as an offensive lineman?
"I mean, I think like in the pass game you change up your set a little bit, do something a little bit different. Obviously, there's some stuff that you can't change, you've got to do what you've got to do. But like I said, change up the sets a little bit, something like that."

If I remember correctly, in the last game, Shaq Barrett was saying something ahead of time how he was getting a new move ready for you. I'm curious if you noticed that during the game if he tried doing something different against you?
"Yeah, he tried spin. I think that was his new move."

Is that something you hadn't seen him before?
"Yeah, he usually didn't do that, but he tried it."

How'd it work out?
"It didn't."

The rushing numbers have been up all year this year compared to the last few years, you went over 120 yards in the first playoff game. Can you put your finger on a reason or two why, with largely the same personnel, the numbers running the ball have been so much better?
"I mean, I can't really put a finger on it other than we take a ton of pride in running the ball. And we have a mentality that we're going to run the ball, we're going to do it efficiently. We're going to come off the ball, we're going to be aggressive and kind of a beat you up mentality. So that's kind of what our mindset is going into every game."

Drew (Brees) turns 42 on Friday. I'm curious if you could guess what you would be doing at 42 years old, what would that be?
"Oh, man, I don't know. I've never thought about that. That's a long ways for me. So I'm not sure (laughter)."

You mentioned Shaq's new spin move, but aside from technique, did you see any schematic changes from week one to week nine in how they were rushing you?
"Yeah, I wouldn't say nothing too crazy that pops out. Obviously, they like the blitz. They do a good job of doing different things. They're a good defense. There's no question about it and they do a good job with what they do."

Your counterpart Terron (Armstead) seems to go viral every week with a block. Do you have like a craziest moment or most incredible thing you've seen from him? Either in a game, practice, just anything?
"Oh man, he's just a freak athlete. Great offensive lineman and I think what was itMinnesota where he had a crack and he went and pulled and blocked the corner into the endzone or the sideline or whatever it was. That was something you don't see a lot of. That was impressive."

I guess it can be a lazy narrative sometimes to describe a game as a quarterback versus a quarterback. But I guess if it's ever warranted, is it fair in this matchup to talk about (Drew) Brees versus (Tom) Brady? And is it kind of special to be a part of a game like that?
"Yeah, you're talking about two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks that have been great at their position for a very long time. So that's obviously special, special to be a part of something like that, for sure."

Between the quarterbacks and obviously tremendous skill position players on both sides, there'll be a lot of focus on that, could you just briefly divert our attention to the significance of the line play in this game and what you think will be important to accomplish there to tip the balance?
"Yeah, I mean, obviously, I think a huge key for us is getting the run game going. They're one of the best in defending the run. But that's obviously a huge part of our game and helps open up different areas. So for us, we know that's a huge goal for us is to get the run game going this week."

I feel like there's like a lot of stories out there about Drew (Brees')competitiveness, like just kind of across the board. What's one thing that kind of stands out to you? And like, if I'm asking you about that, like, if you're trying to think of what the Drew Brees competitive thing is, what would it be for you? Is it just strictly football related? Or does he come in and just smoke dudes and ping pong? What kind of stands out to you just like in terms of him as a competitor?
"He's just so focused on his craft, and it's like, every day is a new challenge for him and watching a film or being out at practice. And it's just like he's always challenging himself to be better and you can really see that, like you said, he is going to be 42 years old. He's been playing this game for how long? You think maybe, oh, I don't know. There'd be something where I'd be like, I don't know. He knows everything, but he's constantly studying and working at his craft, which is just, that's impressive."

What's the most incredible play you've seen Drew (Brees) make on the field over the years?
"I'd have to get back to you on that."

I'm sure with him, it's not even necessarily like he threw this 50 yard touchdown pass. I'm sure with him, it's more something where he saw something that most people wouldn't have seen. So I know, it's a difficult question. I was just curious if anything like sprung to mind.
"Yeah, I don't have anything that pops up. But like you said, he's out there diagnosing everything. And he's a special player."

Kind of sticking with the theme of everyone. I've had the unfortunate task of asking (Drew Brees) about retirement at Pro Bowls in the past, and he's not a guy that wants to talk about the future. But have you seen a sense of urgency from him this year? I mean, I think we've even seen him chomping at the bit wanting to come back after injuries the last two seasons. But have you seen a sense of urgency from him this year at all or just a change in his approach? He's always a gamer. He's always competitive. But you noticed a different nuance this year?
"I think, like I said before, I really haven't noticed anything because he's always that guy. He's always coming in and competing and doing everything he possibly can to be better to be back on the field after injury. Like I said, he's just always like that."

Talking to somebody who knows Drew (Brees) well, he says one thing that has always struck him is that Drew treats everyone with respect. He meets somebody on the street, a teammate, whatever, I just want to know what you've observed. Obviously training camp was different this year, in the past, we've seen him for an hour go sign autographs with thousands of people. I just want to know how you've seen him, even though he's a superstar, he seems to treat everyone the same.
"Yeah, absolutely. Super great guy. Easy to talk to. He doesn't have an arrogance to him. I came in as a rookie, and I'll never forget, I messed up a play. I didn't squeeze a protection. I didn't pick up a linebacker and he was really pissed off. And then after practice, he came up to me, he's like, 'Hey, man, I got you back. If you need anything, let me know.' Which really stood out to me being a rookie, wide-eyed rookie. It meant a lot to me. But yeah, I mean, obviously, in the community, too. He's doing stuff and it just speaks a lot of his character."

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