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Transcript: Running Back Latavius Murray weekly conference call - October 21, 2019

Running Back Latavius Murray speaks to media prior to Week 8

New Orleans Saints Running Back Latavius Murray
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, October 21, 2019

Was yesterday the game that is meant for your style?
"Yeah, I just think with my size and my style of play, I guess. Those are the kind of games that a big back like myself should be able to make an impact."

How disappointing was the big run that got called back?
"Yeah, it's disappointing. But I know it is a part of the game, penalties happen, that is just a part of the game and I don't ever take any offense to something getting called back or whatever. Obviously, you're upset and you don't want to have those kinds of mistakes out there. But I've been on the side of it when I've made mistakes myself, so it's a part of the game. But you just make sure you just keep it going and do whatever you can the next drive, the next play to go ahead and put that thing in."

When you were in a game like that, let's say that you, do you see the offensive line's confidence continuing to grow throughout as they seem to be kind of imposing their will on the opposition?
"Yeah, I definitely think when you're establishing a new line of scrimmage and you're dominating up front. I think just like any other position on the field, you just continue to gain confidence and continue to build over the course of the game and it just wears on defense and I definitely think more so for sure up front because that's where it starts. But I think in general, at any position when you're able to dominate the opponent and be physical throughout the course of the game, it's going to wear down the defenders."

Do you think the red zone offense has improved recently?
"I think we just need to continue to keep working and continue to eliminate the mistakes down there and I mentioned the penalties, but then I think we had a few other chances down in the red zone on the other end. I think for us just not beating ourselves once we get down there (and) capitalizing and trying to score touchdowns, but also obviously coming away with points when we're in that area. I think we can continue to improve. We're going to have to, if we want to do the things we want to do and I know we will."

Do you feel like you're at that point where you can exhale now that you have had your most productive game as a Saint?
"I think the sky is the limit, to be honest still. But it definitely feels good to contribute in a big way, in a big game on the road. Do not get me wrong, I want to contribute and go out there and do my part, but it will not define anything that I do here or anything before I know what I can bring and in the end what it's about for me and that's about winning championships and ultimately, the big one. That is why I am here, that is why I chose to come here. (It's) Nothing about the numbers or the statistics or the reps and the plays. Again, I want to contribute, but I came to this team, I wanted the opportunity with one goal in mine and so I'm going to do whatever I need to do to obviously help us compete for that."

When the defense is playing a game like it was yesterday with the three and outs and the short possessions for Chicago, what does that do for the offense?
"I think it's more of a rhythm, I think when you're on the field and you're just able to be on the field and you're able to stay warm, stay loose, you just dial plays up. At least for me, I think it's a benefit that time of possession, they don't have the ball in their hands, they can't score and if we do and we're putting the ball in the end zone, obviously that's how you win games (by) outscoring the opponent. As long as we're doing good things when we have the ball and not making mistakes and scoring when we have the opportunities, those three and outs, the defense being on the field, a lot shorter than us as you know. All that is a good thing when we're doing the right things with it."

What's your grade on Zach Line as an option quarterback?
"I give him an A plus plus, that was textbook. I was telling, JT( Joel Thomas), if we drew up the cards for the scout defense, they couldn't even get a better look than a Leonard Floyd did. I mean, it was perfect. Huge play for us obviously, to get at the first down."

Was it cool for you to see them implement and use that play?
"Yeah, I did. I'm going to be honest, I've been some places and some coordinators kind of see some of the funky things that we do and then in practice and things we put in, we don't run them all, but, when we do and they turn out successfully like they do and like it did yesterday. I don't think it's just fun. I think it's just very hard to stop when you have so many options, so many weapons and so many different things that we can come at you with like our fullback running us a speed option with our quarterback, so I love it."

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