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Transcript: Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater media availability - September 25, 2019

Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media prior to the week 4 matchup against the Cowboys.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Opening Statement
"We have another week to look forward to playing some football. It's a big game for us, a lot riding on this weekend as every weekend. We'll continue to take strides and move in the right direction."

How do you keep your humility after having some success?
"This league is funny the way things work. Whenever you have an opportunity you want to try to make the most of it. I understand all of this isn't possible without God. The meek shall inherit the earth. That's one of my favorite bible scriptures. I know that I'm not out there by myself. All of the guys in this locker room who are out there making plays and allowing this team in the position to win games (are with me)."

How much are you shaped by having it almost taken away from you by the injury three years ago?
"That injury really shaped my outlook on life. Being able to just wake up in the morning and tie my shoes on my own. I never take that for granted. Every morning my feet hit the ground I'm just thankful for life."

Has this offense had to have been shaped to you or are you able to shape yourself into it?
"The thing with this coaching staff is that they're great for a reason. This offense has had success, they're able to call plays to where whoever's in there can do well. They play to our strengths. This past week we were able to do some things that I was comfortable doing and we had some success."

Will that expand as you go along?
"I'm pretty sure, last week as well, given the circumstances we wanted to try to cut back on some things with all the crowd noise. Being back home, being able to do our own cadence, we can do more."

Can you talk about the Dallas game last year, being a battle of sorts?
"They're playing smart football, they're playing great on third downs and they're getting off the field. When you do that, you're going to give your offense more opportunities to score points like they've been doing this year. They're playing good football, they're hot and it's going to be a battle. Last year was a physical game and we expect the same this year."

Last year, you had to win the locker room over and get to know people, but do you think now the way that you've fit in in this locker room with humility and won over these players that it's easier to command respect?
"This team you have a bunch of pros and guys who respect everyone in this locker room. They openly accept everyone, we just expect everyone to step in whoever's out there. Because we know how tough this game is to play. We respect each other."

Can you talk about what you see in Dallas's defense?
"They do some things very well on defense. They are very good up front, but we just want to do what we do best, which is play Saints football. We want to be able to rush the football, protect the passer and not turn the ball over. If we can do those things as well, we'll put ourselves in position to win football games."

In the Seattle game it looked like you became much more comfortable as things went on. Do you think that you'll have an even bigger chance for rapid improvement as you play more?
"Yes, definitely. Experience is the best of it. The more you can get experience in gamelike atmospheres, the more you can learn from those situations and improve your game."

How important is it to get off to a fast start like in the Seattle game?
"Very important, especially being at home. We have the crowd behind us. We need to come out, play fast, give the crowd a reason to stand on their feet all night and provide an advantage for us."

You mentioned how Drew Brees told you how completions are always a good thing which is one of his mottos. Do you think that what you did last week was sufficient in terms of pushing the ball down the field?
"I think the thing with football now is everyone gets enamored with numbers and seeing the ball pushed down the field. When those opportunities come we want to take advantage of them. I just want to help this team win football games. That's my job."

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