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Transcript: Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater media availability - September 18, 2019

Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media prior to the week 3 matchup against the Seahawks.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater
Post Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Opening Statement:
"It's another week. We're getting ready to face a tough opponent on the road. We know how important this game is for us and we all know what's ahead of us and now we just have to do one thing and that's focus on the Saints."

How ready would you say you are right now?
"It's Wednesday and we're still installing a gameplan and putting things together. I can say that getting out that last week prepared me, got my feet wet again, and I'm excited going into this game."

Would you say you're looking forward to the opportunity?
"It's another opportunity to just go out there and play. You work hard with these guys throughout the weekend and just to have an opportunity to go out there and play, of course you look forward to it."

You've been a starter before, is this a familiar feeling for you just kind of getting back into the groove of it?
"It definitely is. I mentioned to someone that I had not played any meaningful football since 2015. I was able to play in the game last year against Carolina Panthers, but we had already sealed our place in the playoffs and I was able to play in the preseason the past two years (for the Jets and the Saints. But it is nothing like being out there during the games when it counts the most. (I'm) Not saying that the preseason doesn't count. Never take the game for granted, but just to be able to go out there and compete at the high level just brought back memories."

In the same respect, people haven't seen you play meaningful football since 2015. How much do you try to avoid putting pressure on yourself to use this as your showing everybody who you are in a limited amount of time?
"For me, it is just all about being myself and that has been my message to the guys. When we're out there on the field, just be you. You don't have to be anyone spectacular. You don't have to go out of your way. If everyone just can be the best version of themselves, we'll help this football team win football games."

You talked about running this offense or looking at this offense in college. Has it been a lot of tweaks for you to play to your strengths?
"We're going to put together a game plan that's just going to help us win. And that's what it's all about. Putting us in the best position to help this team win."

How different was it for you guys being out without Drew (Brees)?
"It was a little different, but Drew (Brees) sets a great example for the guys on his team to conduct themselves. You sit back and you watch Drew operate and you tell yourself, hey man, just because Drew isn't are here that doesn't mean the show must slow down. He sets the tempo and he is the standard. Whenever we're out there, we have to up our games and elevate our teammates."

I know what he does before the typical regular season and playoff games, where he breaks down the team, is there any daily things that Drew (Brees) would normally do that you took over today?
"I've had the opportunity to watch through and study his process over the past year and a half and Taysom (Hill) as well. We've been able to come in, whether it's on a Monday after a game, paying attention to what Drew (Brees) does or understanding his Tuesday routine and just picking up his weekly routine. That has been very beneficial to all of us. Of course you pay attention to the things that he's done and you try to apply it into your game. But at the end of the day, Taysom (Hill) isn't Drew and I'm not Drew. There's only one Drew Brees and we know that, like I said, he's the standard, but at the end of the day there's only one Drew Brees."

Sean Payton said today that the plan will probably include both you and Taysom. Do you invite that as a way to give Seattle a lot more to worry about?
"Yes, definitely. Like I said, it's all about doing whatever we can to help this team win. So whether it's Taysom (Hill) out there making plays or it's me out there making plays it's all about the team."

Do you expect to start?
"Moving forward, I hope so. I think being able to play last week was just (important). I have been the backup here and whoever's out there, whether it's me or Taysom (Hill), we expect to lead this team and do what's right."

How much different is preparation when you know you're backup going into the game as opposed to being a starter heading into the game?
"The preparation is totally different when you're backup. You never know. You're one play away so you don't know what play it may happen, but you have to stay ready. I think our coaching staff does a great job of preparing all the guys in that room to be able to just go in when the number is called and try to make plays."

What do you remember about your last trip to CenturyLink Field back in 2015?
"It was loud. It's pretty loud here, but we know that and we know that they're going to be some things that we have to deal with. There's something you have to deal with every week playing in this league."

How will the team be different with you and Taysom (Hill) as quarterbacks?
"That's a tough question and I just feel like we both have a skillset and we can bring something different to the table. Whether it's generating plays to use Taysom (Hill) or generating plays to use me, we just want to do what we can to help this team win."

Do you think though the offense Drew (Brees) has run in the two years you've been here is similar to what suits your skillset? Like you don't think they have to make a lot of changes to feature you necessarily?
"This coaching is great for a reason and whether it's me out there or Taysom (Hill) out there, they're going to do whatever we're comfortable doing and what we are comfortable doing ultimately gives us a chance to win football games. That is the mindset moving forward. Whatever's called, we're going to make it work."

You touched on this briefly, but when you woke up this week with this opportunity after everything that's happened, how did you feel?
"It just showed me how faithful God is. All the times that I may have questioned him or doubted would I ever get an opportunity, he showed how faithful he is to me. Unfortunately, it had to come this way, but I'm a huge believer, firm believer in Christ and I get to use this platform to show how mighty he is."

What's your excitement level like? To have the opportunity to play meaningful football for the first time in a while?
"I'm very excited. Just knowing that going into the game, you have more opportunities. You watch these guys and you watch us work and we practice really hard and study extremely hard and we give our all to play this game. To be able to go out there and go to war with those guys is just a great feeling,"

Do you think the Saints fans have gotten a chance to see the real Teddy Bridgewater yet?
"I don't think so, but we play this game for different reasons. Ultimately, I play this game for the guys in that locker room, for my family, and the fans of course. But at the end of the day, it's about those guys in the locker room and how we all feel about each other."

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