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Transcript: Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater media availability - October 23, 2019

Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater speaks to the media prior to the week 8 matchup against the Cardinals.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Opening statement:
"It is all about moving forward. We have an opportunity to do something special (and) continue winning. But I am looking forward to this week's matchup, facing the Arizona Cardinals. Those guys are playing some good football. They've been able to win the past couple of games. As you look at the numbers, their personnel, you have to understand that it's going to be a battle, so I'm looking forward to the matchup that we'll have across the board and hopefully we can continue to just play good football."

Do you know if you'll be starting this weekend?
"Right now we're focused on the process, remaining focused on the process and if you focus on the process well enough it will produce results and that's our mindset right now."

How much do you appreciate being a bigger part of the process?
"I appreciate it a lot, just knowing that the process has been working for us these past couple of weeks. This team man, I mentioned it Sunday, it's all about survivor having no survival skills and that's what makes this team so unique. You look around this locker room, everyone has a backstory and they're here for a reason and I'm all appreciative. These past couple of weeks and just this opportunity."

What are the challenges Patrick Peterson presents to this offense?
"Yeah, Pat P. (Patrick Peterson), South Florida guy, that's what we do. But he's (an) outstanding player. You look at over the course of his career, the plays that he's been able to make, the energy that he brings to that defense, it's noticeable and you have to know where he is on the field. He's probably going to match your number one receiver and things like that. But it's a fun matchup for us. Each week we talk about different matchups that we will have and this is another match for us that we look forward to."

So far you've found no one that can stop Michael Thomas right?
"Yes, Mike Thomas man, what's his Instagram, Can't Guard Mike? But no, Mike's an outstanding guy. He works extremely hard and his hard work is on display each and every Sunday and he's making plays for his team."

Have there been many throws where you like his chances on a 50/50 ball?
"I will say that the last throw (to him) in last week's game, the deep over routes and it was a matchup that I liked. He was double guarded, but you know, Can't Guard Mike. But no, he's the guy who plays with extreme confidence and as a quarterback that's a fun sight to see."

Have you been able to keep all this in perspective, but have you kind of have a good feel for what you think what's happened in five weeks?
"Not really. Each week for me it's just all about the next one. The next game is, you know, the most important game to me because it's the next game and I can't think about what happened in the last five weeks. I probably will over the bye week or something. But each week you're faced with a new opponent, you don't want to hang on to victories too long. In this league it's just all about moving forward."

How much has Drew Brees helped you on the sideline during the last five weeks?
"Yeah that's helped a lot. Just being able to ask Drew, hey, what are you seeing right here and he responds hey you're seeing the game. Just continue to take completions, completions are good. That's been his message to me and it's been working, when you have a guy like Drew, it's like sitting next to the refrigerator and if you don't open the refrigerator, then you are a fool. You know what I mean? And you are going to starve. But Drew is that guy who you can lean on in a time of need and I'm appreciative that I had him these past couple of weeks."

Has the possibility of Drew Brees returning changed your perspective at all?
"I just continue to live in the moment and focus on the moment. Everything runs its course and everything happens for a reason and is according to God's plan. (I'm) Just going to continue to approach each day with the same mindset about getting better."

What are your thoughts on Kyler Murray?
"I haven't really had a chance to watch him play, in (the) NFL yet, but I had the chance to watch him last year when he was in college, (he's an) explosive player. You have to know how to contain that guy. He can make all the throws from different angles and things like that. He's an exciting player."

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