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Transcript - Patrick Robinson Conference Call 11/16/20 | Week 10 vs. 49ers

New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson recaps the Saints defensive performance vs. the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Patrick Robinson
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 16, 2020

What we're seeing from this defense, these last couple of games, is that kind of the manifestation of you guys not making mental errors and just cleaning up from that standpoint?
"Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly what you said and I would say we're just doing our job, not making those mental mistakes. You see the difference right now."

We've seen a couple of end zone interceptions from you. What's your vertical?
"I'm not sure right now. But, I get high for them."

What did you see on that interception yesterday? How the play was unfolding?
"I want to say like two or three minutes left and they were just trying to get to the end zone, just being a vet and seeing those things. I was just trying not to get beat for a touchdown. I shouldn't say it like that, that's kind of saying like I'm playing scared. But, I wasn't trying to give up an easy touchdown. He tried to hit me with a double move, I wasn't going for it. And I've seen it before, so he (Nick Mullens) threw the ball up. I just did what I had to do and I made a play for the team, simple as that."

How is knowing how you started the season on red zone defense, just how important is that? Not just, you know, that pick, but the other stops you've gotten as a team and the other end zone pick that you got earlier this season?
"I'm not sure what you're asking me. But, as far as the red zone, that's an extremely important part of the field and we've got to get better at that. We still haven't played up to our top potential in that area. But, that's something, that's something I would say that's very important going down the stretch going into the playoffs."

You obviously, when you've gotten into games, and when you've had opportunities you have made the most of it. Has that been kind of your goal this season that when I get to get on the field, I'm going to be very productive?
"Exactly. I'm trying to win another Super Bowl. So when I get my chance to get in, I've got to do my part. If I want to get to that goal, of being a Super Bowl champ again."

How do you make sure you stay ready to be on the field? I mean, I think the last couple games, you haven't played a defensive snap. So, how do you personally stay ready to just make plays when your name is called?
"Just staying healthy for the most part. That's the main thing. And just studying my playbook, you know, studying film and doing what I have to do. So, when my chance comes, I'm good to go."

Has that been something you've done throughout your career? Is that something you've had to kind of learn, you know, as your career has kind of progressed? Like how to be in that mode and how to be ready to go?
"Yeah, that is something I've learned over the years. When I was young, I was just going out there just playing football and not really thinking about it. But now, I have to stay ready, staying in the playbook, trying to stay healthy. So, that's what I've learned over the years."

Obviously, you didn't see everything that Kwon Alexander did yesterday, since you were on the field with him a little bit. But when you're watching him, what do you see?
"(He brings) A lot of energy. That's something we need, especially on defense. But, he's a great player. I think."

I know we don't know Drew's (Brees') status yet, but just being a Florida State guy, what is kind of your confidence level in Jameis (Winston)? And what did you see yesterday and, you know, if he has to lead this team, how confident are you all in him?
"I'm extremely confident in Jameis (Winston). H's extremely confident in himself and that's the main part and we're ready to ride behind him."

How much does a season like last year help you all just having, you know, going through that with Drew missing those five games last year? How much does that help prepare you all for whatever you may have to face the rest of the way?
"Just going through it and now it is next man up for Jameis. And we are going to do our part on defense. We'll see how it comes out."

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