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Transcript - P.J. Williams Conference Call 10/9/20 | Week 5 vs. Chargers

New Orleans Saints defensive back P.J. Williams talks about the Chargers offense and the Saints defensive game plan prior to Week 5 against the Los Angeles Chargers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday, October 12, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback P.J. Williams
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, October 9, 2020

You have been playing so much sub-package defense this year, obviously you've played a bunch of safety and had to switch outside last week. I'm just wondering with all this, like, moving parts that you are kind of incorporating this year, has that required a little bit of an adjustment?
"Well, they coach us to play multiple positions and make sure we're ready each week for the game plan. So, it definitely takes getting locked in and making sure you know your job and knowing your job in different spots around. It definitely takes a little bit more focus, but I feel like we've got the team to do it."

Now that you've had the chance to watch film from last week, how would you say you did outside after spending so much time at safety recently?
"Yeah, I feel like I did solid, did my job and they just wanted me to make sure it wasn't a big drop off when I got in there. So, I wanted to make sure I went in there locked in and didn't give up in the big plays. I definitely felt like I did my job and they did a good job of getting me prepared within those couple of days I had to get prepared."

You guys will be playing a rookie quarterback (Justin Herbert) on Monday night. What are the concerns when you see or play against a rookie quarterback who you don't have a whole lot of film on?
"Like you said, not having a whole lot of film, that's definitely something (to keep in mind), but we know to come at a young guy we've definitely got to send some pressure and make sure we show him some different looks and just really see what he's about. We see he has a big arm and has made some good throws in the time he's in and definitely getting comfortable in that system. So, definitely looking at a challenge."

Can you talk about adding a player with so much experience like Malcolm (Jenkins) to your room? What does that actually bring to the field when he's there in the secondary with you?
"It brings knowledge. He has played for so long and he's teaching us things that we really haven't seen and he knows a lot more so just the knowledge he brings and also the leadership. He's a big leader for us and definitely a guy that we love to follow."

Can you point to anything specific that has represented what you just said? Has there been any moment where that knowledge has helped you out specifically this year?
"No, just overall because when we're in the meetings talking about different plays and how we want to play different things, a lot of the times the way he's saying it was the way we might not have played it in the past, but we definitely switched to it. I just feel like it's overall. A lot of little things, but nothing specific."

DA (Dennis Allen) and Sean (Payton) both kind of talked a little bit about some of the communication issues in the organization on the defense and I guess from the outside looking in for us, it's like they're a veteran team and everything's going to be all good. It'll be easy even without the normal offseason, but is that like a new process every year to get re-acclimated and to re-establish that communication? Why do you think that that's kind of not been on point so far?
"Yeah, every year it's a new team. We've definitely got to get back on the same page and I feel like just being better situationally and also taking away some of those flags. That would make the game a whole lot different so I feel like it's some little things that we can definitely fix."

You kind of touched on the Chargers having that rookie quarterback, but that receiving corps he's throwing to, what have you seen from those guys on film? Obviously, you know that Keenan Allen's a guy that we all know, but what have you seen from that group?
"They are (a) good group. They put up big numbers every year, Keenan Allen is Pro Bowl guy. Just the route running from Keenan Allen and Mike Williams being able to go get 50-50 balls and that tight end (Hunter Henry) just having sure hands and stuff like that. We've just got a lock in to when they're getting the ball and make sure we take those guys away."

I Imagine Coach (Sean) Payton and Dennis Allen have been really harping on the red zone defense. What's kind of been your issue there? Why haven't you been successful yet this year?
"I feel like it's a lot of little things. A lot of flags, a lot of, like you talked about before, some miscommunication and then just we've got to win our one-on-one matchups. We're up for the challenge, I feel like the little things we'll fix because little things always turn to big things and keep you from winning. So, we've just got to hone in to the little things and get off the field on third and fourth down because a lot of teams go for it on fourth down on us. Just little things, eye discipline, communication and taking away those flags."

On the broadcast they were talking about, how Sean (Payton) was calling them like four point plays between like a touchdown and a field goal. Do you think of it that way when you're on the field? If you get down in the red zone to make sure you don't let them actually cross because those four points are kind of a difference in the game?
"Definitely. That's our mindset going into the red zone. It's a four point play. We've just got to make them kick field goals. We'll get better there in these next few weeks."

How do you guys fix the flags? Sometimes watching it, it seems like you get called a little bit tighter than other teams so how do you fix the flags?
"Just the coaching. The coaches are teaching us little techniques of not being on them as much. Really just making sure we are in great position and not really grabbing and tagging them or anything like that and playing the ball the best way we can. We've really got to go out there and play football. So, at the end of the day, we can't just be thinking about it throughout the game, you've just got to go play. At the end of the day, you've got to play football."

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