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Transcript: Tackle Ryan Ramczyk conference call - Sept. 16, 2019

Ramczyk speaks to media prior to Week 3

New Orleans Saints tackle Ryan Ramczyk
New Orleans media conference call
Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

What were some things that you liked and some things that you all didn't like?
"I think starting with things I didn't like, way too many penalties, myself included on that. It was getting to be kind of sloppy football there. Some of the things I did like, I think we came out, we played physical in the first half. We were able to move the ball bit and unfortunately couldn't get into the end zone. But watching the tape this morning, there was definitely some things that we liked. But at the same time, there was a lot of sloppy stuff that we didn't like as well."

Can you describe any similarities or differences between Teddy (Bridgewater) and Drew (Brees) from your perspective in the huddle?
"We're accustomed to Drew. That is all I have known since I have been here. So Drew's demeanor and everything he does in the huddle, out of the huddle, everything is very consistent. It's the same and I think Teddy does a good job of being on kind of the same level, as far as doing the play in and out of the huddle and being on the same tempo. I think there's still a couple of hiccups that we had in the game we need to work through. And we're going to be definitely working on that this week, but I think Teddy did a good job stepping up in there and playing."

What will be the biggest adjustment in going from Drew to Teddy if that's the case this week?
"I think just communication is going to be the biggest thing with us. Outside of getting the call and stuff like that, I guess communication is the biggest thing for sure. Teddy is obviously a very capable, good quarterback in this league and we are going to work on it this week and make sure we are solid with everything going forward and into the Seattle game."

When you're looking back at some of the penalties and sloppiness, particularly on the offensive line, what do you think went into that? Since that's kind of so atypical for the way you all usually play.
"There is nothing I can pinpoint saying we did this because of this. I think it is just seeing sealing our blocks to avoid those holding calls, getting our shoulder in the right positions. Some of those calls are iffy, but they call them on the field and that's how we got to play the game. So we have the change we're working with a little bit. And like I said, we got to get our feet and get our bodies in front of bodies and not get extended and holding that type of stuff. So (this) definitely going to be an emphasis this week."

Is it better this week getting a chance to stay out here in Seattle instead of flying back to New Orleans then making the trip back? Is that a big difference or something that you've noticed or we'll notice this week?
"I think it helps. The two-hour time change definitely has an impact on your sleep and your sleep schedule. So I think being able to stay on the same schedule is going to be nice and beneficial for us. So, I think it'll help for sure.

Have you had a chance to talk to Drew Brees since yesterday and if so, what's been his mindset?
"I haven't talked to him actually. I haven't talked to him yet."

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