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Transcript: Offensive guard Andrus Peat conference call - March 20, 2020

New Orleans Saints offensive guard speaks to media following a new five-year extension

New Orleans Saints Guard/Tackle Andrus Peat
Conference Call with Local Media
Friday, March 20, 2019

Opening Statement:
"First off, I just wanted to thank Mr. Benson, Coach (Sean) Payton, Mickey Loomis, and the whole Saints organization for bringing me back. I'm excited to continue my career here in New Orleans."

When you were going into this offseason, what was kind of your gut telling you about how this was going to play out for you? Did you think you were going to be coming back or how did you see it?
"My intentions were always to come back to New Orleans. I've loved and enjoyed my time here. This is a first class organization and a great locker room. I feel like we've been building something special over the past few years. So I'm just really happy (with) how it turned out."

Were you having conversations with other teams or did it just really come down to making something work in New Orleans?
"There was some interest from other teams. But like I said, I always wanted to reach agreement with the Saints. Ever since I was drafted here I wanted to play my whole career with the Saints. Now I'm just really excited to be able to continue my career with the Saints."

With you signing back, I get the impression that although you were a tackle coming out of college you're pleased with your development as a left guard and can envision yourself continuing to be that on more of a full time basis, but obviously they do value your versatility when you can fill in on the outside?
"I've definitely settled in at the left guard spot, but (I'm) always ready to, like you said, have versatility. Really whatever the team needs me to do, I feel like I do that to contribute to the overall success of the team."

Did you get a sense that maybe another team was interested in you as more of a tackle than as a guard?
"I'd say mostly guard for the most part."

I have been asking some other people this question, but what's this week been like for you, I know it's been odd and surreal for everyone, but I guess where are you right now, how have you been able to work out and kind of what's the overall week or for last few weeks been like for you and your life?
"It's been a lot, not just (for) me personally, but for the whole world. I'm just trying to stay active and stay in shape however I can. It hasn't been too bad (for me)."

Has your routine changed at all with this pandemic affecting everybody in the United States? I know some people have tried to or had to get creative to workout, have you switched to in home workouts or things like that?
"Yes, I've been doing some in-home workouts and just changed it up a little bit, doing a little bit of stuff outdoors, running and stuff like that, and like I said, just trying to stay active."

Did you think it was possible for you to re-sign in New Orleans with the cap space available initially prior to some restructurings by teammates?
"Honestly for the most part I just let my agent handle everything. Like I said, I wanted to play my whole career here. I'm just happy that they're able to make it work with everything, so I'm happy."

What is your assessment of how you played this season compared to years past?
"I feel like it's always tough when you miss an extended time with an injury. That wasn't ideal for me, but I'm healthy now and just looking forward to this next season and just improving from last year."

How often recently were you on the field playing through an injury?
"Injuries are a tough part of the game and it's a realistic part of the game. When I'm out there, I don't really think about if I have this injury. I just try to go out and play. It's not a thing I really think about honestly. Yeah, I had some bad luck with injuries, but nothing too serious though. I'm just ready to move on and have a great year this year."

Any thoughts of the benefits coming back to a fully intact offensive line this season with the Saints?
"Yeah, I think it's really important. We've built that continuity. I've been playing with and next to Terron (Armstead) my whole career. Larry (Warford), Ryan (Ramczyk) and Erik (McCoy) are all really talented and great players. I'm excited to get back and keep building with this group and keep improving this year."

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