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Transcript: Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael conference call - September 20, 2019

Pete Carmichael speaks to the media prior to Week 3 game against the Seahawks

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Media Conference Call
Friday, September 20, 2019

Just from your perspective, what's this week been like with Teddy (Bridgewater) and Taysom (Hill) kind of at the helm of the offense?
"I think this, I think when you talk about those two guys, obviously those are both guys that have had success when they've played in this league. We've approached it just like any other week. Our goal every week is to lay out a plan that we think gives our team the best chance to win and get those guys on the field and do what's best for them."

How different has it been for you just not having Drew (Brees) out there?
"Obviously, his presence is huge, but again, this is part of it. It is disappointing that it (thumb injury) happened. But again, it happens. A lot of teams are dealing with and you got to approach every week the same and put your best effort forward."

Is this week different putting together a game plan knowing that you are preparing two different styles of quarterbacks?
"I think that you look at it and say, okay, what do these guys do well. I think that goes for everybody on the field, whether it's receivers, running backs, tight ends, whoever's all the on the field. Just making sure that you put them in the position to do the those things that they do well and making sure that's what you're giving them (is) the best chance to be successful."

Have you talked to Drew Brees this week? Has he been in good spirits since his thumb surgery?
"I would say more text messaging going back and forth a little bit. He's obviously a very positive person and we'll be excited when he gets back."

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