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Transcript of Ryan Ramcyzk conference call with Saints media

Wisconsin tackle was the 32nd pick in the NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints tackle Ryan Ramcyzk

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What's your reaction to coming to New Orleans?

"I'm ecstatic to be a part of that organization and come there and compete and play with some of the greatest."

How much contact did you have with the Saints during the draft process?

"I didn't have a ton. I talked to them at the combine, but that was about it."

Was that formal or informal at the combine?

"I believe it was a formal interview."

Anything at your pro day?


What do you think about the tradition of offensive lineman from Wisconsin in the NFL?

"Yes, there is a pretty rich tradition of offensive lineman coming out of Wisconsin. There are some greats and Wisconsin is known for a hard-working football team and that's what we are and obviously I have some big shoes to fill and to continue that tradition is a pretty cool thing that I'm looking forward to working on."

Are there any guys in the NFL that you leaned on from Wisconsin during this process?

"A little bit, I had a phone call with Joe Thomas. At our bowl game I talked to Travis Fredrick so a little bit of communication and I kind of got to talk to them a little bit and see what they had to say and it was helpful."

How do you think you'd project at right tackle?

"Yes, I think I would be able to flip over real easily. I think obviously it's something I have to work at to change some things, but I'm excited to play that position if that's where the coach wants me, if that's what helps the team."

Have you ever played on the right side of the line before?

"I have never started a game at right tackle, but I've definitely taken a lot of practice reps at right tackle. I did a little bit in college."

Why did you end up starting at a Division III school?

"Yes, initially out of high school I didn't think football was for me and took a little bit of time off and realized what I have given up and what football truly meant to me. (I) Got back into it at a division three school in my hometown just to play football again and got to the point where I wanted to compete with myself and see how far I can go and see how good I can really be and that's what motivated me to go play at a higher level and that's why I transferred into Wisconsin."

What initially made you want to walk away from the game?

"I can't pinpoint one thing, but coming out of high school I was really into the trade of a police officer. That is kind of where my focus and I wanted to get to work right away and do that. I think that might have been a reason."

How does it feel to have gone from that to first round draft pick?

"It is everything I have ever worked for. It is pretty incredible and I can't wait to get started."

Coming out of high school, did you have a prospect ranking? Were you two star, three star or better?

"No, I didn't have any stars."

Very few guys go the route that you did; how does it feel to be able to accomplish this now?

"It's a really special thing. It means so much to me and it means so much to my family. I know the work is just starting now but I really cannot wait to get back to football and playing."

You play a lot of power football up there at Wisconsin. The Saints just recently signed Adrian Peterson and they have Mark Ingram here; what does it do for you knowing that you are going to be blocking for these guys?

"It is some of the greatest, for sure. I am very excited to be able to block for guys like that. Not everyone gets to do that. I am very excited."

How is your hip?

"It's really good. Rehab has been solid. The re-checks are all good so it is doing really well."

When the Saints got on the clock at 32, did you think it was over for you in round one? How surprised were you when the Saints called?

"Obviously, I was surprised. I hadn't had a ton of contact with them. I was keeping my hopes alive that anything can happen and sure enough, I got the call."

What are some things that you think fans should know about you before you get here?

"I think I classify myself as just a hard-nosed tough guy working hard. I go about my business in the right way. I am a team player and I love to do what is best for the team and gets the team winning."

Did you grow up a Packer fan?

"In Wisconsin, yes. That is who I grew up watching."

What do you think about teaming up with Adrian Peterson who played for the Packers' biggest rival?

"It's going to be fun. I definitely have a new team now and I am ready to take it on full speed."

Is your family already planning now your return up there to Lambeau Field?

"I haven't had enough time to talk with them about it probably. It's going to be awesome."

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