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Transcript of Coach Sean Payton's Tuesday press conference

'You’re always looking for guys that can speed up the clock for the quarterback'

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anything you can say about how Mr. Benson is doing?

"I think this is the second time (it happened).  A lot of times usually it is dehydration.  I am not really sure not having been over there when they took him away.  I'm sure they will get him the right care.  He is someone who we stay on top of.  His energy being here has been fantastic.  I don't think it is any news of note right now."

It doesn't appear serious?

"Not that I am aware of."

Is Drew Brees going to play in the first preseason game?

"I think, like I said yesterday and the day before, we are just going to take it day-by-day.  We are not going to try to on Tuesday.  We are going to see where he is at.  We are going to be smart though."

Would it be a part of being smart to not play him?

"We will just see where he is at tomorrow though, each day."

Can you talk about how you are playing against Gregg Williams?

"It's not a big topic though.  Our players are playing a preseason game.  We are trying to get the right guys evaluated.  It is not even a big deal at all.  What's important is just getting our guys ready to know what they're doing, putting their best foot forward and playing well.  It's about the players and us preparing (for the Rams).  I don't see it being a big deal."

What is it about the situation that allows you to treat it that way?

"Respectfully there's just a lot of work we have to do and from a priority standpoint there's so much that training camp involves with preparation, (and) getting our guys ready to play (games).  It's such a faraway topic.  It is not a big deal.  Our job is to make sure that we get our guys ready for the first preseason game.  It's pretty simple."

Are they ready to hit somebody else besides your own team?

"I think you always get to a point in training camp where you are ready for a different look, ready for different players, but again, I think the important thing for us is that we have another practice, walkthrough tonight and then another walkthrough tomorrow that is really Saints on Saints.  Then we kind of shift our gears on Thursday."

Are you happy with their focus out here?

"So far, it was a little sporadic at times, some of the periods got sloppy, but overall it has been solid."

Is Junior Galette one of the guys that are more unconventional?

"There are certain rush lanes.  He has really good edge speed though, which makes it challenging.  His ability to bend and take an edge is one of his strengths."

In your experience as an offensive coordinator do you see more and more specialization fewer every down linebackers and what accounts for that and how does that affect your team building?

"I think the first thing; one of the more challenging positions now is evaluating that position on college tape because you see a lot of smaller, faster guys that are on the field defending the run and the pass and often times they are defending spread sets.  When you try to evaluate how they'll handle being in the box if you will in a more physical manner that's a challenge in the evaluation process that probably didn't exist 20 years ago.  It was a little easier to find five or six tapes and watch them take on a block on a weak lead or a power scheme.  From that standpoint it is different and then at our level, finding the versatility on first and second down but then also on third down.  It has changed some but I would say most drastically the evaluation process of trying to project guys in positions and maybe not seeing them on film and do some specific things you would like them to do maybe in a consistent basis.  We are having to look at it and quickly bring them up to speed, some of the two gap fits a little bit differently than they played in college."

You were kind of able to create mismatches in the forefront helping this evolution.

"I think overall you see offenses, I think evolution you can trace to certain rule changes that make a little bit more advantageous to throw the football.  That all being said, you are still looking for big strong guys that can defend the run on first and second down and have the versatility to play in coverage.  Look, we try to situationally be smart about what we do on third down or passing situations.  I think that has changed, but I think you can start with the rule changes."

Is it fair to say that a defense can never have too many good pass rushers?

"It would be a value position, yes, certainly, the corner position, the ability to get to the passer, you see it every year in the draft.  They're taken earlier than you might expect.  In free agency they're a little bit more highly sought after.  You're always looking for guys that can speed up the clock for the quarterback."

Who is really standing out to you at tackle?

"Bryce (Harris) is a guy that has experience and he is a pretty steady performer.  I think when we get into this preseason game we will have a little bit better feel for that.  There are times where you look at the film, some of these guys are doing a good job and then trying to put a series together or a couple of practices together is a challenge.  I know we will be looking forward to seeing them against a different opponent and seeing how every one of them not only handles the run but the pass protection."

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