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Transcript of Alex Anzalone Conference Call with Saints Media

Florida linebacker was the 76th pick in the NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Alex Anzalone
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, April 28, 2017

How did you react when you got the call from the Saints?
"One, I was shocked and it was kind of surprising to me. Especially in these later not later rounds, but the second and third rounds where teams go whichever position. It was one of those things where I saw the New Orleans area code pop on my cell phone and I was immediately ecstatic and everyone in the room got quiet. It was just the typical draft call."

How much contact did you have during the draft process?
"I had some interaction, especially at the senior bowl I met with a lot of the coaches and scouts there, but other than that I didn't hear a lot from them, but you know going through the process you hear that the teams that you don't talk to the most are the ones that pick you. In this case that is what happened."

What linebacker spot did you play in college?
"I played this past season primarily at the Will, but I've played Sam, Mike and Will my four years at Florida."

Do you have a preference for one spot?
"No, I don't think so. that is part of my versatility to be able to play all three."

How do you see yourself fitting in with the current linebacker group including the new additions of Manti Te'o and A.J. Klein*?*
"I think I'm a guy that's going to come in and do my job and whatever my role is play my role as best as I can. Come in (on) day one and just work hard and put my nose down and prove myself. I don't know the specifics of it, but I'm just a guy that is accountable and going to do my job."

How well do you know Alvin Kamara?
"He was in my (recruiting) class coming out in 2013 out of high school. I was familiar with him when he went to Alabama and then went the Juco route, then went to Tennessee. I have followed him from a distance, but not on a personal level."

Talk about how the Senior Bowl helped your draft stock?
"I think it helped me out a lot. Just wanted to show coming off a season-ending injury that I was one healthy and two that I was able to put what was on film in person and I turned a lot of heads and I think it helped me out a lot to get drafted on the second day."

How would you describe your game to someone?
"I am a linebacker that can run. Especially for my size. I can play all three spots and I think that I can cover as well. Those are the few of the things that separate me from the others. I play hard and play to the whistle and a guy that really cares about how my effort is on tape."

Can you detail what you dealt with in college about injuries?
"I had shoulder issues in college. Not to get into the details of it but it is fine. I have been 100% since 2015. It is something that I am ready to move on from and get going and prove my worth."

How about the forearm injury? Are you good from that?
"Yeah that was quick. That was a couple week deal."

How do you feel that you can pick up the Saints scheme?
"I'm a guy that prides myself in studying the playbook and being a student of the game. Even though that it (is) kind of cliché, I think I really am. I am a smarter linebacker and I care about knowing what I am supposed to do and doing my job. I think a lot of it comes down to accountability and I think that I am that type of guy."

What did you learn from your college experience of having to sit out a few games?
"I think I learned you have to capitalize on your opportunities whenever it is and you never know when it is going to be. Even from just observing from other teammates and also my situation. So just taking advantage of opportunity and when it is go time, get ready to go and go all out."

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