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Transcript - Nick Easton Conference Call 11/30/20 | Week 12 Recap

New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Nick Easton recaps the Week 12 matchup against the Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints guard/center Nick Easton
Conference call with New Orleans media
Monday, Nov. 30, 2020

When did you know that you were going to be starting this week?
"Good morning, first of all. And yeah, as far as knowing I was going to start, I approach every week with the mentality that I'm going to be a big contributor and play my hardest. Andrus (Peat), was dealing with a concussion and working through the protocol. So, it was a little blurry going through the week, but I always prepare like I'm going to start."

And then, a last minute roster change right next to you with Terron (Armstead) going on the Covid list. How was the chemistry yesterday with James (Hurst) next to you?
"Yeah, that was a bit of a surprise at the end of the week. James is a pro's pro, he's played a lot of games, he steps in really well and he performs well. So, the chemistry there was actually really good and I was impressed by his performance."

What makes the quarterback power plays just so hard to defend?
"Yeah, the quarterback power, any time the quarterback runs the ball, you really gain an extra blocker. So if everybody executes their assignments, he's got a free run to the end zone. So, it's pretty hard for a defense, like somebody's got to defeat the block in order to make a tackle. So, you end up getting a few extra yards on those type of plays."

Taysom (Hill) said that the game plan significantly changed, while Alvin (Kamara) said he didn't see much changes. How did you, I guess, feel that the game plan was from like, Thursday to Saturday evening, when you all found out that the Broncos didn't have any quarterback?
"Yeah, well, so actually, due to the changes in the protocols and everything, we don't meet at the hotel at all. It's not allowed anymore. So, Saturday evening we have no contact with the coaches except via text message. So, as far as game plan changes, we weren't really aware of (them) until we got to the locker room and our mentality didn't really change. We knew we were going to be physical, run the ball and that was in the plan the whole time. So I can't really speak to how much that changed, honestly."

How weird is that, to not meet at the hotel, like you've been in the league for a while, that's a new one for me?
"Yeah, it's definitely different and there's a lot of new protocols and new ways things are done this year. But, the thing I hate the most is that you lose a little bit of the camaraderie with your teammates. Because you are just kind of shut in the hotel room all night."

When you're running the ball as effectively as you are, like you did yesterday, how does that feel as an offensive lineman, when you're seeing that the running backs are having that much success?
"I truly believe we could go out and run the ball like that every week and we have that mentality as an offensive line. We honestly have a ton of weapons at receiver too and love to get them the ball and block for them as well. But our mentality every week is to go in and run the ball like that and honestly, after watching the film, I think we left some meat on the bones too. I think we could have ran the ball even better. And I think, a huge credit to the Broncos defense, they could have easily just packed it in, but they came and played and played hard against us."

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